Limelight Vocations

Amen to that sister. :heart_eyes:


Will you also add a maid and Butler set?


I noticed that there isn’t a prison jumpsuit for male characters. Also, some androgynous clothing would be nice.


That would totally work too! I just wanted other writers as well as Episode to notice the same thing that I noticed!

Thank you, Lord! I am so happy! Thanks Episode!


Bless you for this… I just… I’ve been waiting for this my whole life ahhhhhh :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

psst, i love your story :revolving_hearts:

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I love these

but I desperatley need police clothing


Whoa thank you so so much!

What about Ink?

Please am new here,some one should help me on how i can create a lime light character

Awesome! Been waiting for this!

Where do I find them?

That’d be so helpful! If there isn’t one already, you should make a thread on this! c:

Okay thanks

Ink already has these.

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This is not for ink though