Limelight vs Ink characters

Question…It might just be me, but does anyone notice the limelight women are always so indecisive, blowing things out of proportion, and running away!..I don’t remember this with Ink stories. They also don’t communicate. Then we have multiple chapters of, “I need time to myself” I love reading limelight stories but the INK M.C woman are always written more confident and not as annoying…lol…I haven’t read an INK story in a while but this just came to mind and right I’d ask. Does anyone else notice this, I’m not trying to be rude, just an observation…lol…Regardless, I appreciate the time people take it off their lives to write these stories!

I didn’t include Classic as I have never read a story in classic, it’s scary looking… Lol

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Yeah, I completely agree with you!! I think INK characters are more confident. INK is definitely my fav because I feel a part of the story, I really get passioned about the characters and the relationship they have and this has never happened with limelight stories. (AND IN MY OPINION INK CHARACTERS ARE WAY HOTTER)


I think they can both be hot equally. :woman_shrugging:t5: And for me, the character models for the women in LL look more confident and mysterious in my opinion. That goes for the males too. Ink is just too cartoonish and it just makes them all look sweet instead of brooding like how some want them to be. It’d be better if people would stop using the same features over and over again for Ink characters. Now I can’t even say much for them.


I haven’t noticed this, and I don’t think it’s true for the stories I’ve read. The ratio of MCs like that is more or less the same for ink and LL in my experience


I love the look of the limelight characters, more realistic. I totally get what u mean about the cartoon look of ink. It’s just I have some really great stories I’m reading and a lot of my M.C. literally seem like you are pulling teeth with them…lol…I love my character in Dirty Little Secrets! For instance, M.C. in Strictly Professional, the author made my day when she had my love interestest (The R.A.) finally tell the M.C. off…He told her she doesn’t use her words and just blows up and runs off…My characters are always standing looking lost scratching their arms…lol


You mean they look indecisive?

'Cuz I hope you’re not comparing styles because of what people write.


Tbh my limelight characters have more depth than my ink characters ever did, males and females alike. But that’s not to do with the style it is due to how I wrote the characters.

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I mean that in the Limelight stories that look and act indecisive. I understand that the writers are the ones writing the characters. I just noticed that from the ones I’ve read my limelight characters are not as confident as they are in Ink stories… I know it’s not the style that’s the cause. It’s just something I noticed when I read the two different styles.

Well, then I guess I could say that most Ink characters are just basic girls that has nothing but upturned feline/bold, elven/upturned, full round combination with zero personality and skills, they only exist to be the main character of the story when literally any background character with no lines could fill them. No skills or ability to comminucate without using “sass” or basic “flirt_fingersnap/shush” humor.

But, you do you. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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i think it’s just wich story you chose and how you customize yourself (if you’re able to)

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Exactly! I do me. That’s all I have ever done. I asked a question about something I noticed when I read limelight stories vs when I read INK stories. Im discussing how they are written in the stories, which I cannot control, not their physical features that depending on the story can be customized. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel some type of way on this forum by asking this…I hope u have a better day!:sun_with_face:

Me doing me :woman_shrugging:t5:


no hate but like ink is getting underrated and like i know ink is basic compared to lime light but ehhh i feel like the “basicness” is what keeps people reading. if the stories are too realistic i feek like it give almost like an “off” feeling about the story