Limelight vs Ink: Which One Suits My Story?

Alright so, I know that so many people have converted to Limelight these days and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I, myself, have been a member of the episode community all the way back to the days of Classic! I have only ever written one story in Classic but I have since taken in down. I started several story ideas in Ink but never stayed with it long enough or lost interest. I also write for Wattpad and have decided to turn one of my written stories into an Episode story using the Limelight style. Well, recently I have had the inspiration to turn back to one of my Ink ideas but I’m having a hard time picturing it in Limelight because I designed the concept in Ink. I have seen many authors transfer over to Limelight permanently and I have seen some stay loyal to Ink. What about an author who uses both?


The community isn’t that bad to where you can’t use both. Many write in both. To be straightforward, nobody really cares.


I guess I probably should rephrase that. How would everyone like it if an episode author switched between different styles based on the story they are writing. Is that something people would be interested to see. I know the community isn’t bad! I love it here!

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Honestly, it’s that same response I just gave you. They think it’s just best if you do what you want to do.

I think the amount of people who would only read one style is definitely below 15%, and even then, they’d just read the one they like and not read the other. The amount of nutcases who would dislike you for not being a “purist” is probably extremely low. The hardcore stans who would actively judge an author for using the style they don’t like are extremely few (although they can be loud lmao).

So yeah, as Magic said, the vast, vast majority wouldn’t care at all that you use both, it’d be neither positive nor negative. :+1:

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Do what you feel like you want to do. If you want to write in ink only or LL only, then go for it. No one wouldn’t mind if you do it in both or not.

Okay perfect, I just wanted to get an opinion on who prefers either one so I can decide which works best for my story idea. Thanks so much guys!

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Like @Epi.milkyway said if you want to write it in INK , LL or both go for it

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