Limelight vs. Ink



I’m writing a new story soon (If I don’t procrastinate), and I was wondering what format do people prefer nowadays. Do you like Limelight or Ink better? (If you can please explain why you prefer it.)


I personally prefer Limelight (um, have you seen their abs?), but I believe there are more people who like INK better.


As for a reason, I like LL’s kissing/hugging animations, which are perfect if you want to write a romance story And also react_scream_horror. Yeah, that one’s cool. but it’s pretty limited when it comes to outfits.
On the other hand, INK is your choice if you use overlays for hands etc, because for me I find it pretty difficult using/creating them in LL.


Thank you for your reply, I like that you mentioned the overlays. I’m new to this and that’s also very helpful information.


Oh, you’re new? Welcome to the community :grin:
Also, if you’re searching for some hand overlays and you’re to lazy to do them (totally guilty) you can try episode.uwe’s overlays which you can find here. I believe credit is not necessary, but I think it will be nice to credit uwe if you decide to use the overlays.
Hope I helped!


This thread may be of interest :slight_smile:


i prefer writing in Limelight tbh but… yeah limited clothing is like the only downside.


I prefer limelight but the clothes, hair styles and more facial features need to be put in so the characters don’t all look the same


ink because the characters look better


I prefer Ink, I don’t like Limelight, sry. :confused:


INK because I feel like the Limelight character look too young? Also they’re kinda creepy


Idk I like Limelight bcuz the girls in Limelight are more realistic and sometimes prettier. Limelight clothes are actually pretty awesome THEY HAVE DR MARTENS OMG (sorry I’m just a bit overacted :<). But Ink has various customizations for both male and female (that’s what I like abt Ink). Not to mention the male character in Limelight style sometimes looked…yikes! So I usually switch between them.


Limelight over Ink :sleeping:



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