Limelight vs Ink

Is Limelight more glitchy than Ink? Whenever I use Ink to make an Episode it comes out fine, but when I use Limelight, everything messes up. Is this normal?

What exactly is messed up? :thinking:I never used LL so I can’t really say anything

Whenever I preview with Ink, everything is fine, but when I preview with LL, something always goes wrong. Like, if I start in the middle of the script something that was right before all of a sudden messes up. For example, the spots. I wanted to use Limelight because of additional animations and clothes, but it’s hard considering all the glitches.


To be honest, INK has more outfits, though…

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Yeah, you’re right. But, LL has the extra animations that I need for my story.

That most likely has nothing to do with the different styles. It’s probably the coding in your script.

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Yeah, I find it can get really laggy when there’s a lot of characters on one screen

yEAH, I like writing in Ink! :smile:

I have the exact opposite issue. My INK was glitching, every time I tried to preview my script it wouldn’t let me, that’s why my story I write in Limelight for now.

Actually that happened to me too…

Could you please send me your script in a PM?

No, thank you. I no longer write in limelight.

That’s perfectly fine. Even if you don’t write in Limelight, I would recommend filing a support ticket, to help others who are experiencing this glitch get noticed.

Have a great day!