LimeLight will soon be replaced

Imagine that sometime in the future Episode will release a new art style and LL won’t be updated anymore. Any thoughts? And how do you think it will look like? Do you think it will be more realistic, or more cartoon-ish? I honestly have no idea what to think…


Idk, but I will be soooooo confused. Maybe it will be more realistic I think, but…who knows :sweat:
Actually I will be sad, if LL is no longer updated, because this is my favourite style


I was thinking about it a few days ago too!! I think it will be more more realistic if i may say? And it will have more realistic animations and clothes.


It’s hard to imagine for me tbh. I love LL and I read only LL stories so I would be pretty sad :pleading_face:


Tbh, I don’t really hope for a new style, it’s going oto be the same thing:

  • other styles don’t get updates.
  • People sending petitions for the styles to be updated.

and so on. Just stick with 3 styles, and that’s it. I think we have enough. Sigh. imagine If the style is going to be the one like in Pretty Little Liars, that’s a big no from me. ;.;


whatever they’re doing i just hope it’s not terrible, like classic version terrible


If it’s more realistic and good. I’ll be happy ofc. And if not…I’ll be soo sad bcz bruh i love limelight.
And even if it’s good, I’ll miss limelight :pleading_face:


Why do you think it will be replaced? They have been updating this style continuously for over 2 years now. I doubt it will be replaced. I’m pretty sure it is going to remain in Limelight.


i think limelight is the strongest one they’ve made and lowkey if they make it look any more realistic i think it’s just gonna be creepy no cap


I’m honestly scared, there’s already three styles and each one have their own unique feature but the newer ones definitely have more perks. Plus, it’s going to be a distraction because we would want to try a new style which means another story is to be created.


brooo if they do i hate no! i dont give a f*ck what it looks like i hate it. I really dont like LL either way its just more divers so I use it. but im pretty sure its gonna be this relstic shit that no one is gonna be able to draw ;-;


I don’t think it’s gonna be replaced. This style is it for episode.


Gosh, I really hope they don’t replace Limelight.

There was that weird LL thing they did with Pretty Little Liars and Dolan Twins. Some people liked it, but it scared the living frick out of me. It looked like just flesh put on a skeleton. It was so weird looking…

Limelight is probably the best it’s going to get, and I’m okay with that. Limelight’s pretty dope.


The style that was in Pretty Little Liars was a Limelight hybrid, so I don’t think they will do that :joy:

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