Limited CC help

Hey there!

For my story I want to add Limited CC as I want my characters to look how I wanted them.

So these are my characters:

(Please don’t steal this was made by @lostintranslation and it’s amazing)

I’m going to have it so they can’t change the hair, eye and skin Color. Is that too much or…?

What do you think?


I would just let the reader know that some features might not match the art scenes if they decide to customize, but’s it’s your choice :wink:


It’s a great idea, it keeps your basic idea, I’m doing something similar for my story.

Try Dara’s Limited CC Templates & Workshop!, you can get any limited CC template there.


No cc!! Or very limited!

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I think that could definitely be an option. I’ve done the same thing–allow people to change a couple minor features, but nothing too major. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.