Limited CC or no CC INK

WOuld you rather have Limited CC or no CC at all? AND why?

  • Limited CC
  • No CC

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Either one is fine by me. As long as they’re not a generic Mc, I’ll be fine.

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he kinda is so if that’s the case would you liek to CC ? the only thing that has to remain the same are the light blue hair and the white eyes

Uuuh, I guess?? I don’t like generic Mc’s. It’s just annoying to look at.


I don’t mind limited cc or no cc.
for reasons like artwork and overlays.
but if it doesn’t include those two then it kinda irritates me.


bump and thx for you guys opinions quick note if you change the char I will work on overlays for each skin

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I don’t know I guess I kind of have the habit of making the same character when there’s customization like in every story so when I play every story is the same character and even though I tell myself I’m going to change it up I never do other then maybe lighter shade hair or you know lighter shade eyes but other than that it’s always the same so kind of like playing the story as the author sees the character know do get it some authors you know they just throw in a placeholder for you to customize but I don’t know I prefer seeing what you think the character looks like but that’s just my opinion

Limited CC.

It’s enough if it’s only changing face features for me. I just cannot stand the button nose and uneven lips.

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Alright I will aloow them to change their characters but they need to keep the original hair and eye color! other then that I don’t have a problem. You can also choose if you want to CC or just want to skip everything before hand

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It’s your story in the end, don’t feel pressured.


that’s true but I want ot make the story enjoy able for everyone you know :blush:

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Make sure it’s enjoyable for yourself first.
A question to ask yourself is - Are the characters looks important to you or the plot? Sometimes their looks matter for the plot I’m telling. Other times I’m hard stuck on the way the characters look and don’t want that changed. If neither matter then feel free to let the readers change it up.

Well it does matter for specific bfull body overlay’s that I planned to use so yeah now you’re saying that I wouldn’t be a smart move

Don’t mind either, honestly.

I will take both. I love seeing characters the way the author sees them.

Unless MC has too many “generic” features. Then give me customisation, please. But that is another story for another thread.


CC is cool, but no CC is good too