Limited customization help FOR LINK MALE AND FEMALE


I don’t won’t the reader to change the characters hair color but it keeps saying label errors, any help?


Can you send a template you have? It’s hard to tell without seeing it.



Probably you have different label name for customization. Example:
label avatar_0
@zoom reset
So, [NAME], what’s your look?
“Skin Tone” {
goto bodyColor_0
}“Hair” {
goto hair_0
}“Eyes” {
goto eyes_0
}“Eyebrows” {
goto brows_0
}“Face Shape”{
goto face_0
}“Nose” {
goto nose_0
}“Mouth” {
goto mouth_0

And the place you have error:

“Looks good!”{
goto avatar_0

Just check if they are named the same way.
Hope you understood and let me know if you sort this issue out.


it kept saying the same error :frowning:


In the same places? Or something changed?


Maybe then it would be easier just to change all template.


I tried about everything and it still won’t work, i’m new on here so its kinda frustrating lol


Did your error get fixed?