Limited Customization (HELP)

If anyone knows if Dara.amari (hope I got it right) still goes onto here…

When I do the lip and hairstyle template only, I get script errors that afro doesn’t exist and I checked everything and there is nothing wrong! Help?

can you take a pic of ur script?

Yes, but I don’t know how to take screenshot on pc…

if you look it up online, it’ll say how.

just type “how to take screenshot on a …”

the “…” section is for whatever computer you have (:

ok! Let me take the screen shot!

Read the “common errors” section where you got the template.

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so instead of it saying FEMALE AVATAR I put in my character’s name?


okay, thank you! It finally makes more sense! And thank you for making these templates…we’d all die - ing right now if you have not done this so THANK YOU!!!:grin::grin:

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