Limited customization (Skin Color)

I dont care what you’ve said, this is clearly what you’re implying. If you wanna excuse black erasure, go ahead. Do what you want but dont bring real racial issues that still happen today into this. I doubt that you’ll understand what it feels like, ever. Disengaged.

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I love customizing my characters because it just feels different when the main character resembles what you look like. It just makes the story more personal for me. I used to immediately exit the story if the customization is limited.

Some Authors put limited customization because it’s important to the plot or a character driven story. Some stories don’t allow full CC at all since the characters appearance is important to who they are. Like bloodline or ancestry. Some stories that only has limited CC are stories where you’re just the reader and not really playing IN the story.

But if it just for the sake to match overlays, dialogues, and an art then I think they should just allow full on customization. Since it doesn’t really affect the story’s plot at all.

Even though some stories don’t offer CC at all or limited CC some stories will still turn out to be good at the end.

In my 5 years of reading stories I did notice that almost all of the stories main character is white. And that being said I wished there was more of a diversity back then just like how it is now in Episode stories. Since majority of the MC’s are white, you’ll likely come across a limited CC story or no CC at all where the MC is white and the limited CC has no reason behind it.


You took this post way too personal.

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No one but you are angry. This topic was supposed to be a constructive discussion with the main condition - respect for others and their opinion. Moving on. I agree that when the story is supposed to be the “you” story, there MUST be a CC with an option to change the skin tone to the darker shade (in my opinion). But why there should be a CC in a story where it’s stated there that it’s NOT a “you” story? Why would an author give up custom poses, overlays, animations, etc just for you not to make drama of this? I get that all black people were discriminated in the past and I’m deeply sorry for that. I can’t change the past, but we can change the society together which also means that no one should be discriminated. Also I think that if no CC upsets you, just don’t read further. There are still a lot of other stories with CC and choices that really matter. Instead of that, you’re acting however you want here and you think it’s okay to be rude to all of us just because we’re white and have different opinion? Isn’t that racist now? Besides, I’m from Europe so my ancestors didn’t abuse nor discriminate you/your ancestor so personally I don’t owe you anything but basic respect as you’re human too. It’s like saying that just because LGBT was discriminated back then, every MC should be a part of LGBT too. Why can’t my MC just have the appearance I want and the orientation I want if that’s not a “you” story and if I already have some characters that represent your race/orientation? I definitely fail to understand that and all your arguments are like “kiss my ass”. Childish much? I thought we were educating each other, not insulting.


The problem is this app just has the same issues they just arent talked on much. The erasure of POC…from art scenes to limited CC.

Its a matter of inclusion thats all. Its a fantasy app that excludes ppl wether its admitted or not.

From passive agressive author messages that say dont change the MC cuz she needs to look how I want

To art scenes that encourage you to keep the MC fair skinned for the most part.

Even overlays that authors ignore and dont modify if they even offer CC

To authors who sadly say its “too much work” to code for POC when templates exsit.

To authors who make excuses to not include any POC

To authors who flat out are lazy and im sitting there with a biological mom who looks absolutely nothing like me in the slightest

If it happened to anyone else…ppl would be upset

A choose your own story app…and it feels excluding.

But no one talks about these things or gets mad when we bring these things up


The whole point is that stories are different. It all depends on the type of a story, like as I’ve already written above, it can be a “you” story. Then, if that’s the case, I completely agree with you: there MUST be a CC and no overlays or no artscenes (I’m not a fan of them, too, tbh). But when it’s literally stated that it’s not a “you” story, why, just why would there be a CC? Why can’t author have their MC just like they want? To my mind, it gives an author a lot of opportunities: from using custom poses, animations, overlays to not having choices at all and have the story flow as the author wants it to flow. And again, there are a LOT of OTHER stories that OFFER CC, choices that really matter, etc. Why are you talking about ALL stories in that negative way? Or do you just like a story and you’re upset with the MC not being dark-skinned as you are and demand the CC from author just for you not to create drama of all of this? So the author should give up special scenes, advanced directing, etc just for you not to be angry? In my opinion, you’re angry out of nothing. It’s not that I could ever understand you, true, because I’m not a black person, but, fortunately or not, I can’t change that about myself nor change the past. So now you’re using being black as excuse to aggressively treat others on this forum? Isn’t it supposed to be a safe place for everyone? Besides, when an author that isn’t black writes about black MC you’re still whining, because ‘they didn’t do a research’. So, to summarize my opinion, it’s not about stories, it’s about your attitude towards them because you will ALWAYS find something to be angry/upset about.

I don’t understand one thing: why can’t the author have creative control over their work?? Why do they have to include diversity just for the sake of it ?? Why do they have to exclude art scenes for the sake of CC??
There are some really sensitive people out there who fear misrepresentation. And trust me, no matter how much ‘research’ you do, it’s impossible to write a first person story using that information. There are very few ‘YOU’ stories in the community and I don’t find any reason why they should put unnecessary work into coding for coping up with enormous number of skin tones.

True that I’ve never read any story with a black MC. I won’t mind reading them if I find one. And I’ve played as a blonde character many a times too! And uk what? I’m brown. I don’t care what the skin tone of the character is if the story is fine. I don’t know where the issue is if the character isn’t ‘YOU’


And for those who think authors are lazy to not code excessively, trust me: we have better things to do- like plan the story and structure the episodes and scenes? Perhaps you don’t know much about that.

I have a free advice too: open a shop and create these overlays just as we wish you to. Let’s see how ‘less’ time consuming you feel they are.


Yes, I agree with the “representation” part a lot, because I used to put some characters for diversity but it wouldn’t be fair towards dark-skinned people because I don’t know EVERYTHING about their past. I can’t just know all the things in this world, don’t you all think? I like diversity, yes, but when I’m personally not a POC or not a part of LGBT community, it’s wrong writing such characters from my POV, because some of my views may not be true at all and I would offend someone.
Disclaimer: I still put such characters in my story, but they’re not my main focus as I may not represent them fully and perfectly correct. For example, in the story that I write just for fun (I’m not even sure if I ever publish it) I have LGBT characters in my story, and my MC is one of them, because (even though I don’t like labels) I’m a bisexual myself.


Exactly. The fact that we care about and respect their sentiments makes them hate us :slightly_smiling_face: IDK what to do

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Yes, it’s only about attitude in my opinion. Because at this point I don’t even know what they want from authors.


God…the delusion is high.

What do you mean?

Whats it matter. There is no point in speaking.

Nevermind, I was just trying to understand your POV but it seems that you have no reasonable arguments. I agree that there’s no point in speaking because I’m here for discussion and constructive arguments, not ‘kiss my ass’ ones. You didn’t even bother to explain what you meant as you’re obviously just trying to shame authors here for what they’ve done/haven’t done. I just want to underline that I’m deeply sorry for the past but it gives you no excuse talking rudely to others. I’m white, so what can I do about it? Yes, I can try to do a research but you could still say that I’m mistaken and you won’t forgive me for misrepresenting a POC in my story. I could avoid such situation by not putting such characters in my story or put them not in the main focus but you would still ask “why can’t MC be black?”. It’s pointless trying to please you as I don’t even understand what you want from authors and how should the story that isn’t a “you” story look like. Have a good day/night.

Smh…Lord. that all it took to make you go on ten? I barely even said anything but if youbare dead pressed on getting a response which you arent…you wanna fight. Then act like you do not fine

Here are my words to you.

I could go on a long spiel about how im not angry at all. I could go on a tangent about how my words were anything but aggressive (though to you apparently my skin color may make me seen that way) I could sit here for hours and argue about the gross generalization youve made when it came to addressing me. My character. My words. I could even argue how you just put millions of words in my mouth I hadn’t even said or implied. I could sit here and explain my points with clairty but I’ve done that. I could even be sarcastic and state how you are so wise and right. I could be condescending just as you were. Instead just as you are choosing to ignore the issue and make this whole discussion an attack then preach about peace ethics tolerance and a twisted sense of justification.

I’m going to choose to ignore you. I wish there was common ground…mainly common sense but a rarity is a rarity. To which any comment you say will just be a twist to make the situation seem like you are the innocent one and everyone else is aggressive or living in a bubble of ignorance.

All that being said. This conversation is done and over say what you will but don’t expect anything more from me. And as you said to me

Have a good night/day😗

This is only my opinion as a quite experienced author!
Asking for your thoughts! :green_heart:

I love to add CC, and I don’t care if it takes 4000 lines of the script.
I have 3 stories where one is full CC, one is limited CC, and one doesn’t have a CC. Of course, I mention this in each story so readers can change it if they want.
The one who doesn’t have CC has 2 MCs and 5 friends who are of different ethnicities. For example, one LI for one MC is dark-skinned. (Don’t remember which color, but 6-7.)

Is it ok for me to use ethnicities like this because it doesn’t have CC? As the story is a fantasy one, and if I added CC it would still be limited because of the plot. :thinking:


I usually don’t bother CCing but I’ve been doing a lot of R4R lately and since a requirement for R4R is to supply screenshots, I’ve been making my characters look “unique”.

I was shocked and saddened to find only ONE gave me the option to have green skin. They had every other shade, just not green (or blue). I feel so underrepresented.

In conclusion, if you want more representation, write more stories. If you don’t like a story that can’t represent you, don’t read it. And don’t harass writers for CC as they will just report and block you.


I just started a front-page story where you can customize the LI’s, which, Neat. Not so neat, the darkest you can get is 03 on any color spectrum. Afro and tight curls are available, but no skin tones that could in any realm of possibility be considered POC. Zero snark intended, wtf?? I can customize the MC to be p much any skin tone but we’d better throw some bleach on the LI’s. Just- if you’re going to put in the effort of CC, don’t tell me I can only dig white boys :person_shrugging:

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Yes, it’s about all the unrepresented green and blue people. THAT’S the issue.

Like I said before, expecting CC is silly- the problem is having the option, but only within a certain color swatch. If you want the reader to be able to play as themself, don’t discount a huge chunk of humanity with what amounts to “get over it and write your own story, should have been born pale”.