Limited Requests so I can Practice <3


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Yess , thank you so much ! I love it :blob_hearts: !

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Do I need to credit u ? Or did u already put a water mark on it ?

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No need (-: only if wanted

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Before I start drawing, does this reference idea sound correct?

I wanted to have him standing like so:

With tears in his eyes (yes not falling)

and would you like her in pose 1:
or pose 2:

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girl reference pose

like this
While boys expression

but he is standing normally with his hands on both sides…

Also add rain to the scene

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hi i was wondering if you do free art or commissioned art

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Free while I practice (-:

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.Title: Forever and ever

Color scheme: Black,gray,white,red
Large cover
Are there characters on the cover:
Yes two characters 1 boy and 1 girl
Girl character description
BODY: Athletic, Neutral 03
BROW: Arched natural scar, Black dark
HAIR: Long down wavy princess braid, Brown black
EYES: Deepest downturned wide, Blue deep
FACE: Diamond
NOSE: Grecian soft
LIPS: Full round pouty, Fair gold matte
BODY: Male athletic, Neutral 03
BROW: Arched medium, Black dark
HAIR: Messy undercut, Brown black
EYES: Monolid wide, Icey blue
FACE: Chiseled Angular
NOSE: Button Round
LIPS: Medium Straight Natural, Beige light gold matte




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Before I add clothes and features, poses look good?

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Hey! Pose look good ?


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Hey. Are you happening to be still taking requests.

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I am (-:

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ok cool here’s my form.

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Yeah it looks good. Maybe the boys arms could be little closer to the body or if it can’t be fixed no issue and girl was supposed to be on knees like this pose

(It’s kind of scene where the girls get to know some kind of heartbreaking truth and then she falls into the ground on her knees while crying and the man in front of her is standing guilty with watery eyes, holding his tears)…

does this mean you’re canceling your request in my shop? because you asked the same thing from me 2 days ago

What? No I didn’t I’m so confused

what’s so confusing about requesting the same thing in 2 shops?

I have to clear something up there are 2 people using this account me and my co writer sorry for the inconvenience I will have them know to contact me before replying on art shop topics