Linalilly10 and MadisonW’s Urgent Overlay Requests (Closed)


Need an Overlay? Well we got you covered! Depending on what you’re requesting will depend on your overlay time. Please notice that we have lives outside of episode, we live in America so our times maybe different than yours. NOTE: that this is a shared thread between @linalilly10 and me @MadisonW. We will both take your request, but please don’t be rude! We will get them done ASAP! If you use our overlays please credit whoever did your overlay! If it was done my me credit @MadisonW and if it. Was done by Lina credit her @linalilly10.
Thank you!

                                  ~ MadisonW & linalilly10

Blanket for My Episode Story

anyone need a overlay


Do you do overlays for signs? Like if I needed a neon sign? :sweat_smile:


yes give me 2 minutes


what does it need to say


done I have 2

Make sure to credit us






is that what you wanted





Here is another one!
Again please credit us if you use it!


Thank you both!


Hi! Is it possible to make a puddle of blood? I want to make it like the MC fell and there’s a small puddle of blood near her head.


Ok should be done 3 minutes


omg thank you so much!



Thank you! I’ll make sure to credit you


Could I have an overlay of the blanket on this bed? (Including the pillow.)


If you could please go to Episode-Diamonds and request that would be awesome!


Okay! :slight_smile: