Line Amount? Please Help?

Hi there! I am currently writing a story. My story doesn’t have much branching other than 2 clothes options each time. Well, I am wondering how many lines you recommend? Right now I have 1k lines but I only have 5 major scenes.

Thank you to everyone that helped me out!! I appreciate it. :hugs:


I think you should add at least two or three more scene

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Ok , I’ll see thanq

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It really depends on how long it takes to read as long as it like at least ten mins should be fine

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Lines are not important, the amount of time a chapter last is tho. So try doing a chapter longer than 10 minutes

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Since there’s not much branching, there’s probably not too many consecutive lines of spot directing/coding, so 1,000 lines sounds fair. Those sound like good numbers in my opinion, but it really depends. Since people prefer stories that lean more towards the longer side rather than shorter sides, you could add one more scene to be safe.

Not sure much Because I usually branch and have choices so it’s about 2,000-5,000 lines
But I’ve written and 1,500-ish chapter and it’s about 7 or 8 minutes long with no branching and only one choice.

As people said on here before the timing matters most. It a tip I read here on the forum but I actually time my story. And make sure that the shortest version (some choices will gain extra scenes) is 10 minutes.
Good luck writing

do not nother about the line amout. Simply read your story with your normal reading speed. If you have 10 or more minutes its long enough.

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