Line around Overlays

I noticed while reading Magicka entries today, any overlays I see on my phone have a little black line around them. My app is updated and I have an IPhone 11- so I’m not quite sure what the problem is.


Same. This started happening for a lot of people after they updated the portal previewer towards the end of last year. If you submit a ticket asking support to reset your account, they’ve been able to fix it for some people… however they weren’t able to fix it for me and I don’t think they liked me pointing out that they had fixed it for other people that way and doing that whole comparison thing… But I just thought it was odd how the same person from support could fix three of my friend’s accounts and not mine :sob:


This is honestly why I just haven’t bothered. I have the bright fading overlay glitch so any overlay that doesn’t have an opacity of 1 looks weird.

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They fixed it for me real quick, like less than 12 hours. Did you send screenshots showing what’s happening?

This is probably an overlay glitch. Try submitting a support ticket and sending some screenshots of ur overlays. It should get revolved ig.

Oh I didn’t bother. It doesn’t bother me enough tbh :sweat_smile: but it sounds like @amberose got the run around

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