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Welcome to my art shop. examples are at the bottom, my other one was closed. so I guessed it was about time

please do follow the rules, and answer all questions,

if overlays then just comment with what you need or the picture in itself ( make sure it is copyright free) and I can have that done fast, you are welcome to use any already made overlays and backgrounds

same goes for converting backgrounds from day to night or vise versa,

Credit me, just my profile name thanks,
Do not remove my watermark ( in case I remember to add it because I actually forget it a lot)
no stealing or claiming it as your own and no tracing
No thread hopping.
Publish stories are preferred with anything drawn because I dont wanna spend hours on an art piece and you not publish the story if you are close to publishing like just need the cover/art scene, or need to fix up a few mistakes but are ready then it’s fine but els please return when you have at least chapter 1 and 2 finish
if anything is drawn you shall use it even if you dont like it. if its the cover I dont mind if you change it later but at least use it for your published story in some time,

I usally send a sketch of the picture before I draw it in colour to be sure its what you want so please be online in for at least a couple of days after requesting. if you are not responsive I cant make the artwork. you need to be here

evrything has to be answered
Font(not needed) and colour:
what kind of background:
Link to your story(not needed if its an edit you want)
art style(anime realistic or edited):
is it publish:
do you want it to have a black outline or not:
Picture of characters, in the clothes you want them to wear(if edited in that pose you want) :
a description of what you want the cover to look like(more details the better, picture reference prefored):

art scene evrything has to be answered
also please before you request an art scene be sure it is a thing you actually need it for that scene, art scenes are for intense and important moments that you cant already do without the art. I might question you of its importance for the story. if they just are for a lot of narration that is not really a good reason to have an art scene in my opinion

picture of characters:
Link to story:
art style(anime realistic or edited):
is it publish:
if no how long are you:
Picture of characters, in the clothes you want:
a description of what you want the cover to look like(more details the better):
why do you need the art scene? why is it so important that it needs to be drawn?



edited backgrounds



0af6b65838a030044e248e4af7d1f91b055e7838_2_362x499 b3a28c4580c7b7e1da29be53c45cf688be36f5bd

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Anime styles

3e59698ff6aac32fbf7cb7407edf7b7943011e5d_2_500x500 8b728898b314f7293160d2c3a81395b567b6ce48_2_690x445 78df12d77a21b7684c79232c4593750efb42a02c_2_500x500 b462a87bd04cc2fbba16edc29ae5b37ec55b63ac_2_690x458 cd8ae744ed475f7a224d7bc8f888020b7d5f29cd_2_690x431


Kinda I am not that good an artist but I try


001d17ba1ed991012ec1e5b797b4659c5fd75bee_2_361x500 2cb02bbbbce6b9cd45c1321aebce109274bfe743_2_362x499 6b13a9a6cde3270c5e51fd7b3f2afdd1ba0db55b_2_281x500 15b46cf8a8325de245ca66570397f21fca2086b9_2_312x500 379c19e80c54e13587faa26e4c8b3dd2360c7ccc_2_362x499 b3a28c4580c7b7e1da29be53c45cf688be36f5bd b3dcb64e04241e015a87f4184ed8943aab9b5e96_2_362x499

also because I can please go read my story its pretty good



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i don’t need anything but ur art is beautiful


thank you :blush:


I bumped into your first topic a while ago. And just wanted to say, as a side viewer, your art is improving so nice lately. Looks really pretty :no_mouth:


Hey can I have a custom overlay? :sweat_smile:




Art style: I really don’t mind you can do whatever you feel like it’s easier.

It’s not published yet but I’m almost finished with the 3rd episode


image image

Ok so to give a little more information:
I want the girl to look like she just took a bullet for the boy and then she fell into his arms like that pose and she’s almost dead.So her eyes will be closed and the man will be crying.Also can you add a few bruises so it looks like they had been on dirt?

Titile; Once We Meet
Author- lilly.writes
Description:idk what to put here :rofl:
Font(not needed) and colour: you can choose the font and whatever color you thank is good
what kind of background:! But i want a drawn verson if you can do


Link to your story(not needed if its an edit you want) its not published
art style(anime realistic or edited): realistic
is it publish: no
do you want it to have a black outline or not: no

Picture of characters, in the clothes you want them to wear(if edited in that pose you want) :
a description of what you want the cover to look like(more details the better, picture reference prefored):
this is what they look like and what they have on

Jacob (the boy)

Body-neural 02

Brow-Arched medium black jet

Hair-medium side curls medium brown

Eyes-hooded almond blue deep

Face- chiseled angular

Nose-button round

Lips-medium heart beige rose

Mia (the girl)

Body-neutral 01

Brow-Arched thick styled deep brown

Hair-bouffant Long wavy platinum blonde

Eyes-Deepset mature blue aqua

Face-Hard defined

Nose-Grecian soft

Lips-Full heart pouty beige rose

i want them standing like in the 1 pic but NOT kissing just them looking at eachother and i just want the mia’s leg up like in the 2ed pic

unnamed (5)

@OliviaWrites4 I will start on yours later today, I feel like both art styles are just as hard for me. is it for an art scene your artwork?

also can I still have a link to the story

so how long are you with the story?

Ohh I can cancel it if it’s hard for you.There’s no problem.And the story isn’t out yet

all art is hard.

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I’m confused :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Will you do it? :sweat_smile:

yeah, I have already said I would but I would still like to know what style you want and a link

Ok I’ll send it in a bit

your story arent bad but it jumps around. its kinda like a slide show. this is where I go to school, this is my work this is my home.

it just jumps from place to place. it hard to follow when stories do that,

what is the point of them, example the resturant scene and her home, they where very unsesary, she could just have stayed at the lab and have the problems happen there.

and it contunie in chapter 2 the story just jumps around, its feels more like a guideline of what you want to happen and not like a story

also another thing, the guy you wanted me to draw is cc, I think it would be a very good idea if you did write that you would be using art scenes before you let people cc. because its just the worst when you cc and then there is an art scene

Ohh I noticed that and I’m going to try to fix it!
Thanks for letting me know :grin::heart:

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I am on the 2ed episode

which hair colour was it I shoul use since she is blonde on one and black on the other picture

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if she took a bullet I guess you want her to have a bullet wound, where did she get hit

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