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Welcome to my art shop. I offer plenty of help. for episode art. I have a shop before but it was closed due to the fact I no longer had time for it. but I am back again.
Now before requstiong please read the rules. espically if you wanna request drawn art.


  1. Fill out the form, Answer all Qustions do not leave any empty, as of now I had ask evryone to completly fill out the form, please dont be like that, I am not gonna do it then.

  2. Have patience, especially with art. I am not your personal artist, I have my own story, life and work.

  3. I only draw for publish stories, or stories close to release. as in you are ready to publish (This is not for edited, its drawn. you can request edited for your unpublish stories)

  4. Please dont ask for art scenes you won’t use soon, example you need it for chapter 10, and your only in chapter 4

  5. I have the right to rejects your request, and question it, especially art scenes, because some I just find pointless so I won’t do them.
    Art scenes are for important emotional moments, not for you to just a lot of narration,

  6. Know what you want, from clothes to pose.

  7. Be available, I send a lot of early pictures of sketch to make sure it’s correct, if your not online I will put you behind in the queue. now i dont mean to be online 24/7 I just mean do log in at least once a day.
    9: Give credit. also I will add my watermark on drawn art, do not remove

  8. Your welcome to use the art cover as a splash or Art scene too.

  9. Any art cover or art scene shall be used, you cant change your mind just because you dont like it.

  10. Since I draw it I can post on places like instagram or devianart.

  11. Only request one thing at a time.

  12. NO thread hopping

  13. If you request art scenes, you are not allowed to charge gems to see it. but it is allowed to ask people if they want to see it or not.

  14. Remember the human.
    15: for art request, lying for me and not using it as said, will rewoke permission to use my art. like example saying you wanna use it for a publish story, but using it on a non publish. or something like that.

  15. Follow my instagram. its line123462 Login • Instagram

17 for art. Please no to complex items I hate them they are hard to do, I cant do them well. I dont wanna spend time on them.
if your in doubt you can ask.
















Drawn art

What I offer, overlays, backgrounds, edit, covers, and art scenes(depend on what for) splashes, (has to be used for at minimum 3 chapters)

What are you requsting:
is your story publish?
Link to your story:
Did you read the rules:
Details for what I am makeing:

meaning if art, what shall it look refrence pictures preferd and such. if background what background what am I suppouse to do. or what els it is you want me to, if you dont explain I cant make it.
I prefore pictures, of characters preforible of them in their clothes, and a close up of their face

Depend on what you want I might ask more qustions, I aint gonna ask twize. so if you dont reply I wont do more work.

please note wait list, dosent mean order its made, example if 5 is faster than 1 to responging to me when I ask qustions,

I am Also offering art trade
Art trade is when we both do an art for each other.

Wait list


Congratulations! For reopeing! And best of luck! :blob_hearts:


Hi i want to request drawn art :two_hearts:
What are you requsting: drawn art
instagram: i dont have an epi account only my main one
is your story publish? yh
Link to your story:

Did you read the rules: yh
Details for what I am makeing: can i have drawn art with the pose from ur 3rd example

Here is my char details

char clothes

Open Toe Platform Stiletto Laced Leather Black
Silver Cuff Leggings Spandex Grey Black
Structure Bralette Top Denim Light White
Metallic Flash Tattoo Metallic Gold

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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no lol i dont want a cover i just want the art so then i can make a splash wit it
like its gna say ty for reading or smthing like that with the art beside it
wait are u only doing drawn art for covers?

My mistake, I was sure it said cover, but just saw it said drawn art

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yes and art scenes, depening on what for, I am not really offering splashes.

but I forgot to write,it was my mistake to forget to write what I offer to do.
So I will be happy to do yours, because how could you know.

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ty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have a qustion about the lip color, not one is called rose matte. 6 do include those words though. but non of them look like the one in the picture-,

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here is rose matter

what dym by

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I still dont think the colors are the same though



its fine idrm

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heya i have read the rules i agree i am looking for like a little metal bin with fire nothing in it tho and the bucket with no fire in it to so i can show her lighting it as well i did see u did a necklace i was wondering if u can do one of those as well for this necklace it would be grate

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Finished request


Hi! I want to request a drawn art scene :slight_smile:

What are you requsting: A drawn art scene
instagram: @anisareadsss
is your story publish?: Not yet, but I am publishing it soon.
Link to your story:
Did you read the rules: Yes.
Main character: reach_kneel_neutral
Love Interest: reach_kneel_neutral
Details for what I am makeing: It will be 2 people. A male & a female. They would both be bending down to make it look like they are picking up books from the floor because in the scene the girl had books in her hand and the guy bumped into her and they both started to pick up the books. This scene is important because its where my main character meets her first love interest for the first time. I want the MC on the right and the love interest on the left.

My Instagram: @anisareadsss

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-01 at 11.16.39 AM

Picture of MC:

Picture of the other character:

My main character’s details:
Body: Female Athletic Body
Copper 1
Eyes: Female Generic
Deep Blue
Brow: Arched Thin
Chestnut Brown
Hair: Double Dutch Braids
Blonde Medium
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Rose Gloss

My love interest’s details:
Body: Male Athletic Body
Neutrel 3
Eyes: Deepest Downturned Lidded
Deep Blue
Brow: Straight Medium
Black Dark
Hair: Medium Side Curls
Black Dark
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Full Heart Natural
Fair Natural Matte

If any other details are needed you can message me here or on Instagram. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

how soon is soon, next week, next mounth?

For the latest, next 3 weeks but it will most likely be published before that.

omg i love it tysm :heart_eyes:

Love your art examples :heart_eyes:. Though I do have a question, how many characters can you draw in one art scene?

I have an idea for my next art scene, but I dont want to request if it’s overwhelming to draw so many characters.

how many is it though? do you have a pose example