Line123462's free art shop (Open)

Hey! do you make overlays for stories that are not yet finished? or no? :blob_hearts:

Yes, its only drawn that rule is for

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I would like to request! :cowboy_hat_face:
:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:
What are you requsting: An overlay

instagram: Don’t have one for episode

is your story publish? Not yet, but soon

Link to your story: Not published yet!

Did you read the rules: Yes!

Details for what I am makeing: Black, round, eye glasses overlay if you can. Kind of similar to the one episode has Thick Framed Eyewear Plastic Grey Black

Any other details? No :yay:

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here is a black version of them, I dont know if you want them to look a spicific way or something


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This is perfect! thank you so much @line123462! :clapping: :yay:

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I am sorry if I am difficult to work with, but I am just trying to get the information I need so I can draw you a FREE art

artist needs these details to do art.

Just letting you know that the details, pose, etc. are all things you’ll have to give to any artist. Most aren’t going to want to try and read your mind to figure out what you’re wanting exactly and it saves everyone time and stress when the author knows what they want from the artist in the first place.

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so you where lying to me to get free art that is really rude, thanks for wasteing my time.

@Baleigh_episode thanks, your are extually right.

listen I have the rule of publish work, or about ready to be publish is the only once I draw for becausen art takes me hours, a single character for me takes ten hours. and I do it for free.

for me I get nothing for what I do, credit, you had to give that even if you paid. so remember you where asking for properly 25 hours of my life. for free, thats around what a 3 person art would take of hours. would you work free for someone els for 25 hours? most people dont

you just said you havent even started you dont need a cover. no one is gonna see it before you publish. you can wait.

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I am dyslexic. I have a legit disbilaity there gives me trouble spelling, but I am infact also writhing n a second landguage. since my first landguage is Danish

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Wow this is really disrespectful!! :confused:
She’s dyslexic, you should at least respect her for doing free art :slight_smile: It’s her choice to help others!

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My bad didn’t know that. But, you seem like a great person you’re just not someone I can easily work with. And It’s not that I don’t have anything else to point out it’s just that some of your words were incorrect, but It wasn’t fair of me to say that, therefor I am sorry.

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How was I supposed to know that? It’s not like where friends~ And I would never if I knew first off be disrespectful to someone with disabilities, my brother has a disability and I would never do anything disrespectful towards him.

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Apoligise accepted. though if you knew or not, no matter what its not nice to points out peoples grammar, only around 5% of the world speak english as a first landguage.

for a note dyslexic also affect the way we put grammar togehter so I have often a harsh tone, because thats how I can easiest put them togheter.

I can see your 13. so I get you might not understand how much time your asking for a person to do in an art piece.

25 hours work is a lot, a normal work week for an adult person is 40 hours. its a long time. to do something for a stranger.

I do it for free because I dont need the money. and I like to draw. but I wanna make sure the art I make are being used. and I know a lot of people give up on their stories. which is why I have my rules.


Yer. Have a nice day <3


Hey, I was wondering if you can make different bgs of a house…
Like… Different room of a house (same theme, color or something like that…?)

properly, depend on extually what it is I shall do.

I need bg which gives royal-ish + modern vibes.
Backgrounds includes.

  • 2-3 bedrooms [1 for a mature male, 1 for a mature girl, 1 for old women]
  • A hall with a clock in center and stairs [royal-ish stairs… uk?.. the one give goes 2-3 sides?]
  • An inside pool [house pool?]
  • A big largeeeee kitchen
  • 2 bathroom [1 for male and another for female… u can add some female stuff on female one]
  • An exit of the house… with big doors… [one with close and another open door]

and I think that’s it… :kissing:

I am not sure how to explain it…more…
but yeah can bed room have lots of window?.. with a garden outside?

I dont make backgrounds from scrath, I edit existing once.

and use existing matiriel. if you find some existing once I can edit them to what it is you need.