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oh okay… thanks for your time tho… :sweat_smile:

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Hey bestie! I’d like to request an art scene :))
What are you requsting: art scene
instagram: @willow.writesss
is your story publish? yes
Link to your story: Episode Writer Portal
Did you read the rules: yes
Details for what I am makeing:

Character details:


Ivanna: white tank top, black pants, doesnt rly matter what they are lol
Theo: Black t-shirt, grey pants

Reference pose:


He is so f’ed up omg, anyway, they are both really sad, he’s crying, putting his head on hers. also could she have her arm behind him? i forgot to draw that in the example lol
I’d like it to be as zoomed as the example
Thank you sm!

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Sure, I be happy to do an art scene

do you need it soon, I am a bit back up with work(for my IRL job) right now, so it might take a week or two.

2 weeks is absolutely fine, take your time! tysm i rly appreciate it <3

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Hi I would love to request a drawn art scene if you have time :relaxed:
What are you requsting: Drawn Art scene
instagram: Ryder_epii
is your story publish? Yes, has 5 episodes out so far
Link to your story: @Ryder | Linktree
It’s called Deathly Wish
Did you read the rules: Yes
Details for what I am makeing:

Close of characters

Character details and outfits

Reference poses

She’s slightly smaller than him but not too small.


Can it be up against the wall in zone 1 if possible by the shelfs?

Hi can I please get some arts please I need quite a lot that if you don’t mind though please

I dont know if I wanna do it, your still not using, the big cover I made you, is there a reason for that?

your welcome to request an art, but please follow my rules.

May I ask if you make backgrounds from scratch or just edit them (e.g: from day to night, and vice versa)?

I do edits only, drawing them from scratch is a lot of work. and I am not even that good at it.

I do complete edits though, both these backgrounds are empty rooms I have put stuff into,

Well, my story is not published yet mainly and partly because I need some specific backgrounds that Episode don’t have.
Is it possible to request backgrounds for unpublished stories or not…?

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yes, my rule for it needs to be publish ,only apply to drawn covers and art scenes

so yes you can request.

Then what details do you need me to give you?

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never mind your private, I cant, can you PM me?

It’s because my profile is hidden, isn’t it?

There’s another way for you to start a PM with me (or with anyone else with hidden profile)

Enter your profile → Messages → Inbox (look below it) - New Message

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or you could just pm me

Fine by me :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Oh i put the story on hold since I was writing a fantasy one when you did the cover and wanted my attention on the newer one so I can publish after I finished all 3 episodes.

It’s okay if you don’t want to do it I understand :blush:

Edit: I made a Instagram post back in January talking about putting the story on hold


Hi dear can I send my request for art scene please

I already answered you about this.