Link didn't send me to the story

Hello, Episode team, I had a problem.
Like many users, I encourage writers to post links to their stories for me to read and review. One link however didn’t open a story itself but sent me in some kind of an advanced reading mode, like I am the author himself, with several editing buttons where I can change the scenes and flags for me.
Even if I ignore these buttons trying to read the normal way, it then stops and I am unable to do anything after a certain point. The story just freezes.

I wonder if it’s the girl who copied it wrong and sent me the editor’s link to the story but it looks just like the others to me.

Post with screenshots of a problem

The episode hasn’t been published yet.
When it freezes, that’s possibly where the episode ends.

But it was said that the story already has 5 episodes published.

Weird. Whenever someone’s story is unpublished I can see the story modifiers and navigation option

So, it is possible to show somebody your story, even if you haven’t published it yet?