Link from forum to writer's portal

Anyone know if there is a direct link to the writer’s portal form the forum, without having to log in again? I’ve tried going to, but I’m having technical issues with my log in to google.

If you’ve logged in before, you can type in
You’ll have to log in once, but after that it should just go directly to the main screen after you log in!
That’s what I usually do!

Lmk if it works! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to log in with a different computer, but I can’t get into my google account to get to it. I can only get into the forum. That’s why I was hoping there was a button you could click to bring you straight there, like there is to get into community from the writer’s portal.

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hm… I don’t think there’s a button. Unless you’re logged into the portal, any link will likely bring you to the login page.
Are you’re having trouble logging into google? If that’s the case, maybe you can reset your password?

nop there is not such button.