Link to Social Media Error

Hey everyone. I just realized an error in my story. You know at the end of the story, Episode will ask if you would like to follow the author’s social media accounts? When I reviewed mine on my phone, it displayed an error. Can anyone help me? Here’s a screenshot.

Add your account like @irene.episode

And maybe you won’t able to view your Instagram until you publish your story on episode🤔


I also have my Instagram added without the @ at the front and it’s worked for my published stories. That’s why I don’t think that’s the issue.

If you want to publish, you’ll have to check that little box first before you can hit the publish button (I’m just assuming you’re trying to publish now) and sometimes it can also be due to a poor internet connection.

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Because you’re an android user? If that’s the case then the error will not be occurring just on your own stories but to other authors’ social media too. I think this issue hasn’t been fixed.

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I’ve tried it and when I refreshed the page after publishing / updated, it removed the @

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I can visit their ig page even though with an android phone

Then others should be able to click on your link with no errors. You can have someone to run it for you if you want to make sure it’s working. There’s a thread about android updates and issues like the fanmail option is still not solved yet.

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I know, I just want you to try to fill it again :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: