Link to story wont open?

So my friend sent me a link to her story that she hasnt published yet, whenever i click it, the message “Download the episode app from the google play store to read your friends story” and “read story after install” even though I already have the Episode app, I keep tapping the read story after install button but it just refreshes the page. Literally what the do i do?

I use Chrome
She sent the link through messenger
See if it works for you:

the link works perfectly fine for me

OMG my friend @SilverKnight is having the same issue on her phone, no matter how many taps, nothing happens even though the app is installed :woozy_face: She’s getting the same issue as @FadingAwayEpisode

Repost from their IG story:

It worked when I clicked on it

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Hi @JemU776

I can confirm that I’m able to reproduce the issue on two different Android devices (A Samsung Galaxy S9 and S7 Edge). From what I heard from, Based on iOS users I know, they don’t seem to be affected. I will try on my iPad 10.9 2019 tonight. I’ll keep you in touch.

I sent a support ticket last night and provided required information (since I’m a software QA in real life, I offered the maximum information to help the support and dev team to figure out what the issue). I got a reply this morning with a troubleshooting guide, but none of those steps works at the moment.

I’ll keep you updated.

It works perfectly on my iPad!

Ok! So, I can confirm the build version of the Episode app on iOS (1211 + 655,0) is older than Android (1225021 + 655,0). This could explain why iOS users don’t experience this issue.

For Android users, on my Samsung S7 Edge, the Episode app forced me to install the latest version. Before that, I was able to open stories URLs from my web browser. After the update, I noticed the following change:

  1. Potential regression: As mentioned, I’m no longer able to open a story URL;
  2. Potential regression (or feature removed?): Even logged into my profile, I can’t view my profile (I don’t know if this section is removed or not);
  3. Potential regression (or feature removed?) I’m no longer able to view profiles of other authors;
  4. Potential regression: If a friend sent me a link of an unpublished story, his/her story is no longer displayed in the Create section;
  5. Fixed: The UI has changed (when viewing/reading a story) - on larger devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S9: the viewport is larger, and the exit the option remains visible). This changes resolved an issue indirectly with tappable overlays when some are out of the safe zone (this is great);
  6. Fixed: The issue with transparent overlays seems to be fixed on that releases (transparent PNG were darker in the previous version for some stories);
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