LinkError: WebAssembly Instantiation: table import 1 is smaller than initial 26126....?

Mine went away :hugs::heart:

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Hi. I’ve already do that :smiley:

чет, 20. сеп 2018. 20.20 Sydney Han је написао/ла:

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Good job! :+1: Now we wait for the team to solve it. :smiley:

Sorry love just trying to help
No need to get nasty I know its fustrating

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I filled one in. They asked me a lot of information to look at my portal so hopefully it gets solved fast…

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Thanks! I send it, let’s hope they fix it soon.

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I already submitted a ticket, but the problem is that my story works on Firefoz but won’t upload on my device. I’m sending mails, I just hope it will get fixed. Thank youuuuu

No problem! Just to make sure, if you send multiple tickets, they will get backed up to the end of the queue, so make sure you only send for this issue. :smiley:

I work on firefox right now and it somehow started working, but it’s so damn slow… I’m getting pretty tired of it. And you’ll lose 3mounths of work I’ll lose a whole year of work… but still it’s hateful to know you’ll give us all the hard work you’ve put into it

I work on Firefox too. I try from 3 hours to preview my story without nay hope. I’m tired of this errors.

I totally get it! I’m tired of it to cause firefox is glitching or the page freezes…

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Anyone STILL having this problem with the previewer? Exact same issue, and nothing is being done about it, regardless of how many tickets being long submitted (and the amount too)

The issue is gone when I’m using Firefox, but I’d REALLY like for it to be fixed on Chrome, since I normally dislike using Mozilla overall :roll_eyes:

I had the other error before (Preparing … (197/332)) on both Chrome and Firefox, and now I have this error on Chrome and the preparing error on Firefox :roll_eyes:

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I still have the problem on chrome like you have. I did the same and submitted those tickets and it’s still not solved. Firefox is a nice temporary replacement but it’s so slow and always freezes when I use chrome for like 5 sec so it’s getting on my nerves…

It’s been a week now, and no response to tickets being submitted. Getting tired of this, as you said, Firefox freezes up and I hate having to use a different browser since all my bookmarks are on Chrome, not Firefox.

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Same here… I hope it gets fixed fast cause I’m getting tired of it and I’ll just delete my work for a whole year.

Another day, still no response either. I’m getting tired of it and kills my mood in writing tbh

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It’s finally working again.