Linkin Park Appreciation Thread


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Linkin Park was my life growing up. When I was upset or bullied at school, I would go home and I would just listen to music. It made me feel better. :slight_smile:

I miss Chester so much :sob::sob:

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I watch this at least once a week…


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I still remember the day my father told me that depression had finally killed Chester (I hate the phrase “to commit suicide” to describe these events. Sorry, I usually replace it with something like that.)… and I was like… “stop kidding, it cannot be!”. I could not believe it at first because… Linkin Park was one of those bands that were not supposed to… “die”, you know? Wrapping my head around the idea that a band like Linkin Park would never be the same was kind of hard. I was used to reading that they were (and still are) considered as one of the best “modern” bands. In fact, I had seen a list of someone’s “top ten best bands of all times” and they were there, and suddenly, a few days later…

Crap. Anyway, I love many of their songs… but One Step Closer, Lost in the Echo and Castle of Glass are the ones I love listening to the most.

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Wow that’s was so beautiful and well put :heart:

R.I.P Linkin park. Gone too soon but never forgotten. LEGENDS :heart:

My favourite.

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Nothing will be able to top Chester Bennington’s voice. It was so beautiful and his growl was pure perfection. :heart: Still can’t believe he’s gone. :sob::sob::sob:

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