Links are broken, now

When I tap on a link, it takes me to a page, but when I press the blue button to open the story in episode, it acts like I never downloaded the app.

I paid for episode’s full version and spent the 17 gems but it still didn’t work, I uninstalled and it still didn’t work

You can’t if you have an android (cause of an update)


Idk, they are gonna fix it tho
(You can’t open profiles, Q&A, links, etc…)

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Wow I have been having that issue for a few days and I was like my phone has gone crazy now I finally understand what’s happening !
Thanks a lot @Stella2003 and @NEW_IDEAS for making me realize this! :joy: :joy:

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Yep, so now the best way to read stories, is to search the story name with the author name or just search the author name. If u still cant find it, ask the author to add something to the title so u can find the story to read.

This update kinda sucks :sob:

If you’re an editor, you can’t access to EA :confused:

Thank God, I had him decide if I should ask this I think.

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