Links For Planning Story?

Does anybody have any advice or know where i can get advice to help me plan my story?

What kind of advice like ideas or tips?


• Only write when you have an idea or insparation or you’ll stress yourself out
• Dont move too fast in the story (i keep doing it lol)
• Make the readers be able to click with the characters
• Make them cute :joy:
• When writing take breaks don’t write too fast
• It says to write at least 400 lines per episode but i would do 1000 as 400 is really short mine are short because of all the coding :joy:
• When you read it, you may cringe but others won’t
• Always, ALWAYS love your story never think its not good cause of the amount of reads never write for reads write for fun
• Make a Instagram for your stories
• Take your times always
• Enjoy your fans
• Post a lot if you can but don’t rush
• Don’t start a story thinking you’re gonna get 500,000 reads in 60 days for money start it for fun if you start it for the money you’ll stress yourself and the story won’t be that great
• Don’t give up
• If you need help or are stuck post on the forums for help don’t quit
• If you get angry or your eyes are strained takd a break
• If you’re gonna write all day have a drink near you
• If you like animals or have any its great to have them next to you :joy:
• If you get famous don’t let it get to your head some people only want you when you’re famous make sure you know the real and fake friends
• Savor the fanmail you get :joy:
• Try not to get annoyed by people asking about updates but you still may I lovd it though lol
• When responding to fanmail add the date at is like 09-29-18 so others know when you said that do the same for chapters at the end say when it was published
• On your profile add your insta if you make one
• Make great covers and splashes they gain reads
• On the forums when you publish let everyone know do random tags and make a poll asking if they will read it and put it on promo thread make sure to do many r4r’s as well


thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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