Links of Diversity Suggestion Threads

I decided to collect all the suggestion threads suggested by amazing people here, for people who want to support those kinds of ideas and haven’t done so yet. I highly recommend you to support the threads below, because the people who suggested them care about representation so much and their ideas can greatly contribute to the community (especially for authors who want to represent their religion/culture).
You have no idea how much they do for you to get representation. So, if you are in favor of these suggestions, please give them a like for your support to be counted - if you only write “support”, then your support will not be counted, so it is not enough.
If you have already suggested something that can be very helpful for all of us and you want me to add your thread, then let me know :wink: :grinning:.

If your thread is included and you want me to remove it, let me know

  • Links of My Suggestions:

Other threads (regardless of religions):


If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face: :smile: (as long as they are topic-related).

Note: If you have any problem with these suggestions, send me a PM (but be polite and explain). I ask in every language of request, do not come and spread your negativity. I created this thread, so more people here will support these ideas and kind of ones.


If you want your idea to get more supports, then let me know and I’ll add your thread :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to do it, because I really want more people here to support your and others’ suggestions

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Thank you for this! A really helpful thread

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You’re welcome :wink::smile::blush:
I really hope more people here will support these amazing ideas

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