Liqingluv Art Scenes/ edits/ splashes/ covers / profile picture {CLOSED}

Hi! I used to do only splashes but now I’ve learnt how to make edits. Need Help? Over Here!


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Hi I need a Instagram Profile Picture and Your examples are out of this world, can you make me one?

Thanks! Ok, send me the details. I’ll have it done ASAP :smile:

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Skin tone: Tan

Brows: Mature Round

Hair: Fishtail Braid Color: Fawn

Eyes: Upturned Bold Color

Face: Oval

Nose: Upturned

Lips: Full Round Color: Dusty Rose

Hi @Gianniwritessss I finished your request. Hope you like it!

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hey I need a profile picture for insta.

Character details:
body: Tan
brow: Defined natrual, black
hair: Long feathered, black
eyes: Round bold, Auburn
face: Soft heart
nose: Soft natural
lips: Blossom lips, scarlet

Instagram name: ladyb.episode
Type: profile picture

Ok sure @ladyb Will be done in a few days. Hope you don’t mind

That’s fine

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Hi! :blush: I finished your request!

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@ladyb hope you like it!

Hi. I need a profile picture for Instagram. If you can do one for me , I’ll leave my details here.
Instagram name : Miss Catalina
Skin: light
Eyebrows: seductive arch
Face: soft heart
Eyes: upturned luxe , green
Mouth: full round , ruby red
Nose: soft natural
Hair: beach waves , platinum blond

Can it be in this clothes

And can it be while is flirt_wink_forward

Pretty please :heart::heart:

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@Miss.Catalina can you resend the clothes? I can’t see it. And I’ll do your profile picture as soon as possible

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The middle one :heart:
Thanks :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Ok. Will be done in a few days. Hope you don’t mind!

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Not at all. Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi I finished your request. Sorry it took so long, if you don’t like it, feel free to ask for a redo

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Is actually really cuteee :heart::heart: Tysm :kissing_heart:

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Thank You!


Ok sure @Emethyst ! Give me fifteen minutes and I’ll finish one for you!

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