List It All ~ A Helpful Thread v2

  • Be more involved in Amor Nervosa.
  • Put in more of an effort for Connie to talk to people in AYTO6
  • Get used to Lucius in TYSOT
  • Write more of Picture Us
  • Brainstorm for Hooky
  • Try to work on Hybrids more with Jayda

30/06/2019 ~ TO DO LIST:
~ Post New Weekly Challenge
~ Finish Ethics Work
~ Finish Visual Arts Group Presentation
~ Revise for Latin Quiz
~ Start SCC Video Update
~ Finish + Post SCC Edit
~ Update for Requests + Reviews

~ Continue Drama
~ Practise Korean

~ Post New Username War
~ Check SCC Account
~ Check Twitter
~ Post on SCC Account
~ Check MKJ Account

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Amber’s Summer To-do List!

  • Buy and play Sally Face
    – Cry over the ending and wait until the final chapter
  • Play Little Nightmares
    – Play the DLC chapters
  • Play Alice Madness Returns
  • Binge ATLA
    – Obsess over Zuko
  • Binge Gravity Falls
  • Work on Episode
  • Watch shows on my Netflix list
    – The Umbrella Academy
    – Lucifer (2 days, 19 hours)
    – Merlin (2 days, 17 hours)
    – Inside The Mind of a Serial Killer (idk i’ll try it)
    – My First Time Love (about 8 hours)
    – Paranormal Survivor (try it out)
    – Beyond Stranger Things
    – Flavors of Youth
    – Maybe even rewatch Age of Youth/Hello My Twenties
  • Play more Beat Saber
  • Finish Rush of Blood
  • Work on my D&D campaign for Chaotic Gamers
  • Start ATLA and TUA shrines
  • Make Squad Goals in the sims3
    – Finish the Squad Goals house

Sunday 15th:

  • Finish all bio past paper questions (due on Mon)
  • Wish my dog a happy birthday (lol)
  • Finish all incomplete work in chem writing book (due on Wed)
  • Draw a graph for chem practical and write a prac report (also due on Wed)
  • Study for physics test (sometime this week)