List of all directing comands

Hi is there somewhere a list of all directing commands/codes for the episode preferably with explanation what each does? I am a bit sick of trying to find videos or read different tips and would like something like a manual which I can print.:slight_smile:

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Well I guess the episode portal has some. Or @Dara.Amarie has a lot of threads on the forums that can explain everything

I know that there is a lot of informations online What I am looking for is complex manual (preferably printable)
Problems with online is that you have to know what are you looking for first…but sometimes it happens to me I only by exident find out that there is something posible…like moving overlay or make text red…And I have no idea how many things are posible and I havent discoveret them yet. :wink:

Other anoyung thing is that i find answer in some tutorial but after a while I need the same info because I forgor it and I look like and idiot because I do not remember anymore what video or what page it was.:confused:

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Ohhh makes sense. For me it’s always been easier to bookmark something, then come back to it I guess if I forget :sparkling_heart:

search jospeh evans on youtube

Here is a list created by episode, which you can print out.
Guides > Directing Commands > File > Print

I know his videos. I am talking about written manual.:slight_smile:

yeah that is what I was looking for.:slight_smile: Seems there is not all but a lot is there.:slight_smile:

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks!