List of Character Details in All Styles



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Here you can list your character details for your character in all 3 styles : )

Here I go:

My INK details

My Limelight Details

My Classic Details

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P.S my details can now be found here:

Requesting for a Profile Picture

This is awesomeness. Im gonna send mines soon.


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I change depending on the season, lol

So it is winter right now, this is about me rn:

My roots are dark right now, with some purply/burgundy to white at the tips >.> So this is closest I could get my hair. LOL Also wow, I never looked through classic stuff, but I decided to go ahead and do that, and this is a lot to scroll through. I’ll be back soon O.O lol

EDIT: Classic actually has more stuff that is my style. >.> Who knew?




I know they have different outfits, but I can’t find the one I like :laughing:


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