List of characters we've had before child ones

-plus women


I doubt they’re going to add it. I think they expect us to scale them down and make them look young.


Apart from plus size characters I agree the others were unnecessary in comparison to child characters but a child character would need whole new designs for clothes as most clothes in the female generic would not be suitable for a child character. I do want a child character for young female identifying characters or for people who do not have large busts who do not have busts or have a large ones. But that will take years before they can make it if they ever decide to do so.


I think that it is easy to make male children look like a child but its not easy to make female children look like a child as female children don’t typically have developed breasts. But I still hope they would release children characters some day💕


Something I want to add, I support Episode making children characters but a small part of me doesn’t want to be made because I feel some authors are going to end up using the kids for abuse, rape and other triggering scenes in their stories


I think it’s because making child characters means removing the breast on a bunch of pre-existing clothing, which they don’t want to do. They should still do it.


That’s fine for males, but in general girl haven’t developed boobs at age 6

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