List of discontinued (i think) great stories


I know this may sound so old but I just can’t stand thinking about those great stories that weren’t continued

(It hurts you know.)

Okay, so here the stories which I think are never gonna be updated again:

Perfect Princess (If I’m right, that’s the title)
Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt is a really great story though. I wonder why the author isn’t continuing the story?


Oh I loved Perfect Princess. So sad it wasn’t continued.


I miss Homecoming Kings … maybe it’s still being updated? I haven’t seen an update but at the same time I haven’t been looking for updates.


Last time I checked, still 25 episodes there. Maybe the author is taking a long hiatus


Hell On Wheels. sighs.


I thought Outlaw Princess was super cool, but last I saw it was stopped just before the final showdown where you get to win back your kingdom. I did all the work to gather supporters, but never got to battle the assassins and usurpers that stole my kingdom from me!


And they even leave us on the most THRILLING part! I hate it! :sob: Why are great stories never continued?!


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The author has been gone since fall of 2016 and I don’t think they’ll ever update again :disappointed_relieved:


How can I find these?! I’ve seen two different posts saying you’ve moved them but I can’t locate them #imnew #help?


I don’t think a lot of people will recognize this story haha, but Lovesick by Taylor Carlson… One of the OG featured stories. Lol it’s in the classic style. To this day one of the funniest stories on Episode in my opinion.

Dollhouse by rachellydia. One of the best thriller stories, and THE best kidnap/hostage situation story imo.
The Code by Sarah Edgar.
911 what’s your emergency? by Kay H was a really promising scary story.
Discovering Heart by Jessica Mandy was the LGBT staple story lol

All oldies but goodies.


brah that story was so weird


Death’s Game by earlgreytea (the author of I Married A Prince) hasn’t been discontinued but it’s been on hold for the longest time and I’m going crazy waiting for it. It’s so good!


I liked the billionaire baby daddy story because it was honestly the only billionaire story where he doesn’t treated the girl like horse shit, but Charmain C hasn’t updated in more than a year now. :frowning:


Mee too. And also The Heart Forbids by Lizza


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