"List" of Helpful Threads

A lot of people who are new and don't really know what to do or where to go. So I thought I'd make a "list" of helpful goto threads. If you guys know any other threads go ahead and reply and I'll add them on

Also here is a thread with of list of Script Templates :point_down::point_down::point_down:

For Some Writing Tips check @ShanniiWrites Thread about her site :point_down::point_down::point_down:

For more help check out @JemU776 Directing Guide for How To’s :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Check out @fcukforcookies Thread about Tips & Tricks for making your story better :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Huge thanks to Dara for making the list of Animations from Ink to Limelight :point_down::point_down::point_down:


In case you’re looking for drives to find backgrounds & overlays @Apes was kind enough to make a list that links peoples Instagram (where you’ll find the link to their drives)




Following Threads are the Most Used/ Common :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Multiple Customization Ink and Limelight

Only Hair and lip Customization Ink and Limelight

Family Customization Ink and Limelight

Simple Dressing Game(Ink & Limelight) from Episode Life

Understanding Script Symbols/Commands and there use

How to Spot Direct Speech Bubble

How to add an Animation to a character

How to Rear Animations

How to Stage Directions

A guide to Using and Animating Overlays

How to use Easing Functions

Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays

How to Transitions

How to Pause a Scene

Spot Direction (Moving Characters around)

How to Spot walking (Walking with Spot Direction)

How to Simple Choices

Previous and Next Arrows for choices(Paginate)

How to Color code and lock a choice “bubble”

How to Typed in Choices

Complete List of Props and how to use them

How to Move characters/Overlays to layers

How to add Readers Message (aka the bubble that pops up on the top of the screen)

Tara’s If/Else/Gains/Labels/Goto/ and The Point System

How to Remembering Past Choices (if/elif/else)

How to Nested Choices

How to The Point System

How to Remembering who the MC talked to

How to Uploading your own Cover/Background/Overlay

How to Looping your own Background

Looping a 3 zone Background with Speeds

How to Zoom directing The Art of Zoom made easy

How to Choosing A Love Interest

How to Remembering what Love Interest was chosen

Following Threads for how to make your episode a little more “creative” :point_down::point_down::point_down:

How to Zoom from Feet to Head (Full Body)

Closet Dress Up Menu
Meaning outfits are categorized all the outfits that have dresses would go in a “dress” choice etc.

Creating your Own Outfit Game Template
Meaning you can choose from 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 shoes to create your very own outfit.

How to Weather Effects

How to add weather effects with Overlay

Alternative To Rain Effect’s Layering

How to use Filters

A Simple Guide to using Sound Effects and Music

How to Phone Text Message

A Guide to Creating Text from Overlays

How to Fade Characters

How To Do a Shadow on your Character

How to Mirror Reflection

How to make the camera shake

How to have character(s) appear in a TV

How to Place a character in a Bath

How to Hug and Kiss Ink and Limelight

How to Place a Character Behind a Desk

How to Get The End of an Animation

How to Drive into/Drive off the scene with characters inside

Looping a Rotating Overlay

Make Characters Dance LIMELIGHT

Tappable Overlay On Mannequin Template

Following threads are things you should be aware of when it comes to using backgrounds from other sites or Episode Assets :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Rule around using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits

How to use Google for searching free to use pictures

Message to everyone about Using Other Sites

Be careful of using Other Peoples Backgrounds

Backgrounds Do’s and Dont’s

Where to get backgrounds and Overlays

In case you skipped the how to’s for uploading your pictures

How to Uploading your own Cover/Background/Overlay

How to Looping your own Background

Follow my I...In..Ins...Inst...Insta...Instag...Instagr...Instagra...Instagram
Follow A Directing Guide for How To's
Post your Backgrounds Here! Official background sharing Thread
Story Tips? Advice, Tips, Hacks, Backgrounds. Etc
HOW TO: Reset Story Progress + Bonus Stuff :blob_sun:
HELP the Newbie
Beginner Need Help
Text Overlays, And Helpful Threads
Does anyone know how to put a person behind something?
I need help - Directing Help & Tips
DISCUSSION: Blatantly Ignoring Posts
We help each other AND answer questions
I Need Help! im stuck
How do I get the character to lay on the bed?
"List" of Script Templates (From other threads)
How do you make the entire scene move? Help!
I need help with Backgrounds!
Can we add background
Can you pls send overlays to me..I don't know how to find good overlays!
Backgrounds & overlays
Searching for Open Art Threads
Close MY page for me I can't take this no more
What should I not do/avoid when I write an Episode story?
How did you learn to code?
New in the community!
Overlay coding help!
If you need help with episodes!
Yall should please go read my story "he's with me" on episode
Why is Episode so hard? 😩
New to Creating Story on Episode - Need Partner/Mentor
Question About Episode
Need someone to teach me as a beginner
Hello! I'm new <3
Error Choices keep appearing
I have GREAT IDEAS but don’t kno how to write!
Episode questions help
I need serious help with coding!
~Thread for Threads~
Help me in creating the special art scene inside the episode by coding
I need help with story!
HELP: Overlays not appearing in preview
Need help fix error
I need help with moving overlays
HOW TO: Use Thought Bubbles + Have Characters talk while doing an animation
How long did it take you to learn everything that you know now and how did you learn it?
How to make timed choices
Problem with writing an episode story
Coding questions I have from writing my first story
Can someone explain how to let the readers customise their character?
Tips and Ideas?
Lets Help Each Other Out!
Entering screen
How do you make a character run out of the scene?
"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!
I need of directing help please
HELP! : New Author!
HOW TO: Triple Nested Choice :blob_hearts:
CODE: Talking to 7 People and Remembering :cake4:
Coding Tips and Tricks
I need help with errors
What are the types of overlays positions? Like scales...*HELP PLEASE*
Help with Overlays, filters, text effects, props?
Latest script templates
Someone explain choices
Outfits and background ideas needed!
My BASIC linktree
I want my LL character to sit down on the seat!
I need motivation
Writing partner {needed}
How to make a character shorter than others for the whole story?
Help! &. @, and THEN ..?
Body Types in Stories
Got Any Tips For A Beginner?
Branching / choices
Important QUESTION
I need help with advanced choices!
S. St. Sto. Story. R. Re. Rec. Reco. Recom. Recomm. Recomme. Recommen. Recommend. Recommenda. Recommendat. Recommendati. Recommendation. Recommendations
"List" of Script Templates (From other threads)
I am confused on how people do this?
Can someone help me with animations?
Overlay help urgently NEEDED
Zoom in on as Character walks
Need some help with the Choises
HOW TO: Have Choices Without Dialogue :right_anger_bubble: :dizzy:
The Support Thread for Continuing to Write
Help teach me please
NEW CREATOR (I could use some tips and tricks for writing)
HOW TO: Post A Screenshot From Your Phone + Extra Stuff
"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!
Overlay problem. Helpppp

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Here’s some more helpful threads:

  1. Looping a rotating overlay
  2. How To: Shadows
  3. Alternative to RAIN effect's layering
  4. Looping a 3-zone Background with Speeds
  5. More coming soon…I think… :heart:

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