List of Limelight Outfits, which need to be fixed

Please post photos of Limelight outfits, which need to be fixed for some reason (explain!)…hopefully Episode Creators find their time to fix them.


These shorts are ripped between legs.

(Bless this thread hahaha, will add soon)

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This dress has white edge on the bottom… not clear png.

When a male character does the animation “talk_unsure”, suddenly the mask disappears behind their head.

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Hey! AS007 here.

  • I think the hood needs to be placed in such a way that it covers the male/female head properly, regardless of hairstyle/head size.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

  • I think the cape should be in such a way that it covers the whole backside (the hair part) of the character and the collar part shouldn’t be visible at the back.

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4




Should this be in the section for bugs and such?

Outfits bugs… yeah…

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Bumping. Anyone?

Hmm I have an INK one . . . I hope that’s okay.

Same Glasses. Different Tints.

Edit : The Name is Aviator Sunglasses


Omg, this one pisses me off so much!!! I really hope they actually fix it!

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Can you name them?

ah yes, I shall edit it and add the name now.

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Any other?