List Of Open Art Shops!

Hey guys welcome to ze thread of open art shops! I find a lot of people always looking for people to make them art, covers, pfps, etc. So I thought this would be a more easier and helpful way to find art shops to get covers and more! THESE ARE ALL ART SHOPS THAT ARE ACTIVE!!

(Feel free to Pm me/reply below if you want your art shop added Incase I missed it!)

Lucy’s Art Shop Thread :art:

Bubble Tea Art shop

Lucy’s Art Shop {OPEN}

Character detail sheets (open) closed


Leslie’s summer art shop {open} closed

Lions Art Shop! {OPEN} closed

EPI. Tropicals Request Thread inactive/closed

Cassie Cat’s summer Request Shop closed

Sapphire Art Shop closed

LunaLillies Art Shop! [OPEN] We Do Free Art Scenes, Edits Etc closed

My Little Art Shop closed

[Galaxy Arts Shop OPEN closed

CelestialMoon‘s Art Shop (Requests and Commissions : OPEN) closed

#TheQueen’s Art thread closed

Eclipse Arts (Open) closed

Kendy’s Art Shop! All free! closed

Cover Shop (LL) closed

I Make Cover Art! closed

Zombie Arts - Art Shop Revamped {Open} closed

Ray’s New Art Thread! closed

Snowflake’s Art shop (Revamped) [OPEN]

Vanilla’s thread sparkles [OPEN] art covers,pfp,Splashes art scenes and more! closed

Olu’s Art Thread closed

~Mashia’s Graphics Thread~ [OPEN] closed

Doing covers fast and free

Lovelies Art Shop [OPEN] closed

Does anyone need character edits?

Open! FREE Covers by C00kiez1999 closed

I create art for YOUR cover!

Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread heart️Covers, Splashes, Banners, Overlays and some Background edits) (Revamp!) {Open} (Can be done in 3-10 Minutes) closed

Weirds Art Shop closed

Arctic Foxes Art Thread closed

Practicing Art: Model Thread

Silvers Editing and Pose Shop closed

LilGuRls.Epi’s Request Shop {Open} closed

Mary’s Lil Art Shop closed

Aaliyah’s Official Splash Thread. blob_hearts closed

Epi Gamer’s and Wierd’s Art Shop {OPEN} closed

Episode Elite Request Thread! closed

I can make splashes [OPEN]two_hearts closed

Merideth’s cover art shop! comet️ INK STYLE EDITS ONLY closed

Chey’s INK Requesting Thread [OPEN] closed

Golden star’s Art shop (OPEN) we will be taking members closed

The Hershey Official Art Shop closed

Open art shop: get anything you need cut out closed

framed_pictureheartK’s Art Shop​:heart::framed_picture:

Lunaa’s Text Overlay Thread {OPEN}


71 Looking For A Summer Art Group? closed

Arctic Art shop ~Hiring New Members~ closed

Ruby Reds Instagram Group Hiring! closed


Offering background edits- whatever you need closed


Pika’s Clothes! {OPEN}

Summer Outfit Shop {OPEN} closed

OUTFITS: My Outfit shop Open inactive/closed

Commissioned art groups:
Pam’s Art Shop / Studio ^-^ [requests open, feb 2020]

My friends pages whom take commissions:

Mood Board Art shops:
ren’s character mood board shop (open)

Hope this helps you out in any sort of way…Happy Requesting y’all! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Need a Cover: Quick and Easy Pls!
Free Drawn Cover(s)?!?
Please , I need art (free)❤️
Hit me up with Art Shops!
Amazing Cover Artist in need
Can anyone make me a FREE ART cover?
Cover Art Needed - Click for Details
FREE Outlines INK (OPEN)
Does anyone takes requests?
Helpful Links for Authors :blob_hearts:
Check Lion Art Shop out NOW!
DRAWN cover please!
HOW TO: plan a story!
Could anyone help me? :(
Looking For an Artist with Style!
Cover art neededddd
Looking an artist
Cover needed for Limelight story, preferably draw
Needing an Artists
Cover Art For My Story HoneyBee
I need a small and a large cover!
I need overlay help please
I would like a big and a small cover for my story
✰ 𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐬 & 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐬 ✰
Looking for an art scene artist! Will credit you!
Dose anyone do free drawn cover art
Any art shops hiring?
In need of Profile Pic
I need help! Artist?
Ink Art scene please (free)!
Any cover artists available?
Free Cover Art Needed!
Overlays and art scenes
Help for new people to forumS!
In desperate need of someone to do character art for me!
Does anyone do character deets?
Artist Needed! (for LL) :yellow_heart:
What art shops are open?
Art scene needed - Recommend art shops
I need splashes
Anyone do free art for me?
I need a pfp <33
Need a cover photo!
"splash needed"
Can someone make me an actual art scene for free?
Please need a free art scene
Is there someone that can help me make a intro/cover for free?
Does anyone have a list of free artists (that do realistic art)
Can anyone do a cover?
Overlays for my story sinti 6 and also a story cover for it its in INK
I need an Art Scene Artist for an art scene!
Can anyone do a cover for me?
Im need a cover plz a good drawing artist FREE plzzz
Need a large + small cover
Best Forum Artists (Scientific Purposes) 🥴
Different types of art shops that are available!
Free Artist on Instagram
Free art let me know!
PFP request of myself
COVER NEEDED - cover art!
Artist needed for cover art and splashes
"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!
Help I need an art scene
Art help here please?!
I Need a Personal Artist for My story Villain
Can someone make me a art story cover?
I Need a Personal Artist for My story Villain
Need an artist for my story special scene!
I need title help!
In need of an episode cover for my new story!
Can someone make me a normal cover?
Art Scenes and Really neeed helllp
Which art shop's still open and take requests
Cover artist needed <3
Could I have an Art scene?
Can someone create a cover for me?
Looking for art artist (free)
Does anyone know any good artists or good art shops
Art Scene needed. It's URGENT. Pls someone help. I need it to be the best!
In desperate need of cover art!
I need a really good cover for my story
Need Cover And Outro
Looking for someone to make me a cover art for free
Art scene required asap! 😞
I need scary cover ASAP (CLOSE)
I really need a cover creator
Does anyone have a steamy overlay that i can use
Little art scene
Looking for an artist! art scenes
We really need someone to do a cover for our story please?
I need someone to make me a background
Very casual outfit ideas please :)) LL
Does anyone know an artist I can contact?
Simple Art Scene Needed
Artist needed for an Art scene
A cover for my story is needed please🥺
Any good art shops?
How do I get a main cover and an intro cover for each episode?
Free story artists needed
Cover Needed! For LL!
Can someone make a cover for me, please?
Questions from a New User!
Can someone please make these into art scenes
In need of some free art, if possible?
LL for K&T contest
Three Splashes Please?
Need ink character detail cards
Could Someone Make me an art scene? Please
Art scene needed plz
Can anyone help me with a custom cover for my new story?
If anyone could please make a front cover for me for my new story? (I'll give credit)
To an artist looking to work together
Hollo! I’m in need of an artist!
"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!
Digital Art Cover Needed
I need some backgrounds plz
Looking for somone to help me witha cover
I need someone to help me make a cover
I need a cover ;((
Can Someone Make A Cover Art FOR Me or Does KNOW HOW To Make Cover Art Like This?
IN NEED OF AN ART COVER! (found someone!)
ART SCENE NEEDED Free please will shout you out in my story
Need help with an art scene
I need a cover for a story i am making
I need some cover help
Need someone to make me a cover plsss
Deep/Meaningful ArtScene

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Updated with 3 new active open art shops, lmk if there’s any art shops you know of that I haven’t listed that are open and active.

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Weird’s Art Shop (open)

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