List of Our Episode Social Media Platforms 🍰

OK first of all, you do NOT have to follow anybody you don’t want to, this is just a place to shout out all of your episode social media accounts, that’s all. Don’t say things like “follow me, I’ll follow back, etc.” So to repeat, feel free to list your accounts. Of course you can shout out more than 1 for a specific social media if you have an account dedicated to episode edits and another one for regular episode stuff or something else :candy:

Here I go:

Instagram: @ Jem776x and @
Twitter: pending
Facebook: Not one yet
Episode App: JemU776
Other social medias: Pending

All right now your turn! List all the Episode related accounts you have. Feel free to throw in some fandom accounts but let’s keep it mainly Episode :crazy_face:

Go! :blue_heart:


Thanks for this. :yellow_heart: It’s nice to see a thread for listing accounts where there isn’t inherent pressure to follow or be followed.

:camera: Instagram: episode.writingspirit


Ok my FB is Jennifer Leigh Gilliland my IG is mrsjennifer_epi

ig: @hila.episode_


Insta and episode: Mystiklunaa

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@atreus.writes on Instagram :metal:t4:

Instagram: Liyah.Episode

instagram: @lanafrazer.episode

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Instagram: @lag.epi


Bump :camera_flash:


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Bump :cake:


instagram - @sunshine.epii
tellonym - @sunshineepii
episode app - sierra <3

tellonym thaihotti

Instagram edit account

instagram: @sam_c.episode (edit account)
@renae.sam.epy (joint account for a story coming soon!)

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Instagram : @writtenbyjaleres :100: