List of stories recommendations!

Hi! so i wanted to come here and do a list of my favorite stories (mostly romance and fantasy) and if you have a story reccomendarion thats similar to some of these id appreciate it!!

  • jaded love by bri
  • scoring your heart by regina
  • the bunny boiler by jasmin dee
  • not an angel by marion
  • i married a knight by earlgreytea
  • the perfect player by samantha louise
  • drawn to him by kelly lu
  • break my love by mj cornell
  • someone else’s hero by nala
  • white wave by whitewave91
  • rock my heart by yupi
  • stay the night by earlgreytea
  • im married to a rockstar by coni b
  • under you by er gurney
  • cupids curse by rachel
  • the clumsy super girl by marion
  • aftertaste by ji
  • my butler by sophookles
  • the undercover student by gracex
  • mendacity by ji
  • mindreader by alsuza
  • before you say i do by lexisode
  • ten steps to her door by nelles
  • the day i said goodbye by megan b
  • play my heart by maayan
  • finding sunshine by bri

i hope this helps!! im looking for recommendations too so leave them here!!


Is it ok if I recommend my story?


yes ofc!!


~the beat again series by dylan paige
~cutthroat by darkitty
~scratch by darkitty
~ego season by london
~hunting bad 3 by hope moon
~the dragon bride by earlgreytea
~the capitalist by jasmine lilac
~lust for life by ciara (my own story :slight_smile: )
~not a saint by vienna hale & jasmine lilac
~criminal lover by writtenbyro_
~hooked by juju
~craving scar by hope moon
~unscrupulous desires by alexis
~touch my soul by alphan
~falling for red eyes by yasemin
~switch by alusza
~mindreader by alusza
~the fixer by dynasty

these are both some of my current and all time favorite stories on the app! hope it helps!


Title- Breaking Boundaries


Description- Noelle, a cheerleader who’s passionate about football, wants to prove that football isn’t just for the boys.
Will she be able to break the boundaries?




Story title :- Darker than Black

Author :- blue flare

Instagram: @flare_888

Description:-Under some Circumstances you will have to act as Psychologist at the house of the richest people in the country , will you mange to keep your identity hidden ?

Genres :- Drama , Romance .

Current chapters :- 19(on going )

style :- LL

Choices matter

Points system



Link :


When shipwreck leaves you lost at sea with a band of pirates can you use the stars to navigate? With a crazed king on your tail and treasure on the map this sea is full of secrets.


omg thank you so much!!

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The sassy girl & The arrogant boy
Story Genre: Romance with a lot of drama and action.
Chapters:18 (more chapters coming soon)
Story Style: Limelight.

Description story- you enlist to the army to become a medic. You are a sassy girl who says whatever comes to your mind. Your handsome arrogant commander is driving you crazy. HOW YOU DEAL WITH HIM? WILL YOU PASS THE HARD TRAINING? (M /1 LI,CC)


  • Title: Power of Persuasion
  • Description: Jasmine Montgomery’s life changes when she recieves her Grandmother’s necklace which gives her the Power of Persuasion, will this Power be her saving grace or her downfall?
  • Genre: Realistic Fantasy
  • Number of chapters: 7
  • Ongoing or completed?: Ongoing
  • Character customization?: No
  • Number of LI?: 1

I’m reading Power of Persuasion. Check it out:


Cursed Evil Love
College of Eternity
The Elf King’s Quest
The Dragon Bride
Mermaid and the Millionaire
When the Last Petal Falls
Burning Waves
Finding Emerald
Onset of Winter
The Wolf in Disguise
The Lake
The Darkness Within
Cloaked Lust
The Mirror Traveler
Black Magic
The Wrong Side of Time
An Unspoken Attraction
Your Silhouette
Heavenly Virtues
Sorceress’ Heart
Dirty Business
Dirty Boy
Not a Saint
Papercut Bliss
The Lovely One
Hidden Demons
Fallen Angels
The Pleasure Room
Sweet Deception
Fiancée for Hire
Love Scenario
Perfect Little Housewife


I read half of these, these stories are so good

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Greetings! If you’re still looking for stories to read, you may enjoy mine. Perhaps one or all may strike your fancy. If you do end up reading any of them, I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have. :grin:

Eternal Oblivion

Title: Eternal Oblivion
Author: Silver Lady
IG: @silverlady.epi
Genre: Fantasy primarily with a large dose of mystery, as well as action, drama, romance, and historical fiction thrown in from time to time.
Style: Limelight
Number of Episodes: Thirty-seven currently, more on the way.
CC: Kinda. You can’t customize the main three characters (for story reasons), but there is a character for you to customize starting with chapter five. You won’t see much of her to start, but she becomes more important later in the plot.
Description: Something ancient plots unseen in the darkness, and Amara must quickly uncover the mystery surrounding it. Otherwise, all will be lost.
Additional Info: The story unfolds on multiple timelines over the course of 5k+ years, and examines the affect true immortality could have on a person and their loved ones.

Magicka: Dark Star

Title: Magicka: Dark Star
Author: Silver Lady
Genre: Adventure/Dark Fantasy
Style: LL
Status: Finished (3 episode short story)
Description: Lyal was born under a dark star, an omen of evil and death . Will she rage against the dying of her light? Or will she embrace her dark destiny? (choices matter, 4 endings).

Divided by Night

Title: Divided by Night
Author: Silver Lady
Style: LL
CC: Yes, for both MC and LI
Status: Completed 3 episode short story
Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance
Description: A mission to the center of the galaxy results in the days of your assignment becoming months for your beloved, testing the strength of your love over not just distance, but time… (choices matter, two endings)


I have a little action/drama/romance if you’re into that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Description: “You’re deliciously cunning - a warrior with unrivaled finesse - but carry a burden barricaded by your dark, vulnerable past. Dr. Takeda will offer you a cure - after you undress.”

Genre: Action/Drama

1 MC (female only) - FULL CC

3 LI Male (female routes AFTER deadline due to incompletion) - 1 Full CC, one limited, one no CC

LGBTQ+ characters (unplayable)

Trailer, CLICK HERE!

Story link, CLICK HERE!

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I have a romance/drama story and a mystery/fantasy story. I don’t know if it is what you’re looking for, but maybe you want to give it a try? :slight_smile:

Romance/Drama story in INK

Story name: Forbidden Love
Author: Lili Star
Genre: Romance/Drama, with some comedy
Amount of chapters: There are 6 chapters revamped for now!
Story description: It’s not easy being forcedly engaged to a prince. Especially not when you fall in love with his gorgeous sister, which is extremely forbidden in your own kingdom.
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Small cover:

Mystery/Fantasy story in LL

Story title: Imaginary Friend
Author: Lili Star
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Amount of chapters: 3 for now!
Story description: Being the most unpopular boy in school, Tyler finally gets himself a friend. A friend with a secret, who nobody claims to see…
Story link:
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Story covers:

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Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sinead.fictionist

Story Description
Trying to protect the world from the most powerful interdimensional being there is, is hard enough, but what happens when you fall for his hot but heartless son?
(cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, mini-games, art scenes)

Eat Stake link

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I have a romance drama if that interests you. Female MC, 2 male LI. Complete with only 1 gem bonus choice.
Choices don’t matter. Your choice of ending.
It’s called Josephine.


I just started my new story tilted “The Abomination” You should check it out on my instagram @r.senals__ .

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Thank you for this! I hope you will enjoy mine🖤

Story Title: DL: Hoax

Story Description: You’re a double trouble for him and he’s your secret desire. Can you make Noah fall for you twice or you have to compete your own self for his heart?
What If it’s a hoax sans end?

Style: Limelight
Limited Customization for both MC and LI
Outfit Choices
Available Episodes: 8 :blue_heart::butterfly:
My Instagram account: @/renee.episode13

Story’s Cover:

Story’s link: