List of stories where choice matters and others - Part 2

Hi, this is the second set of stories that I have come across on Episode so far which are definitely worth reading. :smile:
For some I am not really sure if choices matter so I haven’t clarified.


  1. A New Start (Choices matter)
  2. The Infected (Choices matter)
  3. Twisted Twin (Choices matter)
  4. Scandalous (Choices matter) (The author is not going to update for a while but I recommend you all to add the story)
  5. Rebellion: The Fight Begins (The plot twist will fuck your mind)
  6. Swan - Pursuit of Justice (Choices matter)
  7. Sorry, Wrong Number (Choices matter) (This is a text based story)
  8. Agent Cinderella (Choices matter) (Amazing and animations and mini games)
  9. I, Detective: Crimes of Belmar City (Choices matter)
  10. Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane (Choices matter)
  11. The Game
  12. Thumbelina (Choices matter)


  1. The Triangle (This story is in spotlight version and choices matter. It is really good)
  2. Before You Go (This is a new story)
  3. Under You (Choices matter)
  4. The Fundamentals of Heartache (Choices matter)
  5. Chasing the Bad Girl
  6. The Valentine Project (Choices matter)
  7. Nanny for a Year
  8. 365 Days (To Find Love) (Choices matter)
  9. Us At Midnight (Choices matter)
  10. Temperance
  11. The Host Family (Choices matter)
  12. Aligning the Stars (Choices matter and a new story)
  13. Attracted to the Nerd (Choices matter)
  14. See the Real Me
  15. Forever Yours (Choices matter)
  16. Life of a Prisoner
  17. Boy Tears
  18. Your Secret Admirer
  19. MC: Partners
  20. Robbed (Choices matter)
  21. Good Cop, Bad Delinquent (Choices matter)
  22. Tatum & Beck
  23. Changes
  24. Forbidden Wings (Choices matter)
  25. Her Innocence (Choices matter)
  26. August
  27. Invariably (Choices matter)
  28. A Lot Like Love
  29. To trap a heart (Choices matter)
  30. The End of Love
  31. Degrees of Romance
  32. Tell Me About Me
  33. Austentatious (Choices matter)
  34. Bittersweet
  35. The Unexpected
  36. Adventurous: After We Met
  37. My Psycho (Do read the disclaimer carefully. This story really might offend some people but I personally like it)
  38. Confessions of a 40-year-old Bad Boy
  39. Journal To You
  40. Euphoric Mistakes
  41. Mr. Anonymous (Choices matter)
  42. Bittersweet Wounds
  43. Lovebird
  44. Us At Midnight

Feel free to recommend if anyone has any.
Happy reading! :smile:


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