List of Stories without Romance

The title says it all :broken_heart:

Promote your stories here if they have zero romance in them ^^
You can self promote/promote other stories and it’s even better if they’re stories that don’t have a lot of reads ^^

Write it this way:

Story title:
Author on the app:
Story description:
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P.S I hope I’m not creating a duplicate…If I am let me know :sweat_smile:

So, go ahead and list some !
This thread is dedicated to people who don’t want to read about any romance at all : )

Story title: Detenu
Author on the app: J. Miley
Genre: Thriller
Story description: Post-Apocalyptic Thriller where people living underground are sent to the surface to see if they can survive.
Style: Ink
Completed or Ongoing: Complete

Story title: Voodoo
Author on the app: Miumi.Hp
Genre: Thriller
Story description: A murder in school causes people to blame the main character.
Style: All Three
Completed or Ongoing: Complete

Story title: Infected (Romance Optional)
Author on the app: Caitoriri
Genre: Horror
Story description: High school students struggle to survive zombie apocalypse.
Style: Limelight
Completed or Ongoing: Ongoing

This story is pretty interesting and has no romance.

Tribe of Malapinchi by @JannahJackson

There is a similar thread but pretty much with the same stories that are listed here. I guess it’s really hard to find stories with no romance at all, I can’t even think of any :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks for that and yep, I understand, it’s really hard to come across these types of stories :laughing:

@Sydney_H may you close this topic, please and thank you? :smile_cat:


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