List of SWY entries (drop your entries!)

Story- SWY : Enigma

Discription - You are stuck doing a project with a blast from the past. Now how do you manage it when lies and betrayal also follows? Lots of Drama with little Mystery awaits :wink:

Cover - Done by me @realm_of_shona (on insta)
What to expect-
CC for MC and Love interests
Low Choices (You won’t miss it)
Art Scene
No Gem Choices
A lot of Fun :heart:

Release- (End of September)


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Title: SWY: The Sound of Silence

Author: Lidezutt

Instagram: lidezutt.episode

Genre: adventure, fantasy and mystery

Description: When you get stuck with a good-looking ghost, you discover some terrifying secrets about your ghosthuntergroup. Will you bow? Or will you put your flute aside and rebel?

Publish date: 7 Octobre

• male or female main character
• male or female love interest
• advanced directing
• games
• point system
• 2 endings


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Mine is:

SWY: The Sawyers

Ill post better details later on, as I haven’t got many sorted yet!



SWY: My Star Is A Cold-Hearted Alpha :wolf: :blob_hearts:
Genre: Romance, fantasy, comedy
More info on Instagram @pantherlilyart


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I was hoping to enter but I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make it in time but here’s the story anyways!
Title: SWY: The Pregnancy Predicament
Genre: Drama, Romance
Description: A positive pregnancy test is all it takes to change everything, especially when you’re not pregnant with your boyfriend’s child, but his COUSIN’S!
What to expect: Full CC, Important choices, 1 LI, art scenes, LGBTQ+ representation, advanced directing, timed choices
Author : Alanna_Bea
Instagram lana_epi.9

btw, even if my entry isn’t finished by the deadline, I’ll still post the story eventually so feel free to read it then if you want to!


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Here’s my entry

Title: SWY: Her Stolen Dream
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

Moodboard for main character

If you want a story with a strong female main character, do check out my story :wink:


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This is my story details :see_no_evil:

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:black_small_square: Title: SWY: Under Contract

:black_small_square:Genre: Mystery

:black_small_square:Description: James just got admitted to the new EBI unit and can finally work with his brother.
He must prove himself, but what happened when a new case question everything he believes in?

:policewoman:t3:Male MC, limelight, CC

Instagram : lea.epispde.1


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Here’s mine

Small cover

Title: SWY: Trapped!

Genre : Mystery with hints of comedy and drama

Description : Storm has a secret. When you are called to a mystery sleepover. Things take a Very dark turn. Will you be able to make it out of a strangers sick game alive? And will you be able to handle being in the same room with the last person you ever want to see?

What you can expect?:

  • Full CC for MC and LI
  • Mini games
  • Choices matter
  • Timed choices
  • Art scenes
  • Advanced directing
  • Music and sound

Release: Soon :sparkles:

This is my first story so hope it’s good!

Check out my IG @val_epii for updates !!


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SWY: To The Max
Genre: Romance (romcom)
Description: After years you gave up on pursuing your big crush on Max. Suddenly he asks you to be his partner in the school talent show that you hate. What’s going on?:broken_heart:

M/F MC and LI, CC, mini-games, choices matter, around 15-20 chapters.
Release date: somewhere in September.
The trailer is on my Insta (losarie.episode):sparkling_heart:


Hey everyone! I’ve just released my story and I hope you all can check it out (:

Title: SWY: Glee or Flee?

Description: Fame. Wealthy. Success. = Nonchalant & Everything is in your favor. But you have to work with someone you thought you left for good. How will this end? You’ll be the judge of that!

Genre: Drama/ Romance-ish

It’s released!

:two_hearts:Full CC for MC & LI
:two_hearts:Point System
:two_hearts:Some choices may matter
:two_hearts:Drama Plot with sprinkle of Romance

For updates: Updates!

I’m up for r4rs (:

SWY: The lies that bind us.

Genre: Mystery romance

Description: Stuck in a rut and reeling from his last case, Braxton’s chief needs someone he can rely on, can he gain Mason’s trust and find the answers he seeks before it’s too late?

name: Daye and Knight (you’ll find it under SWY: Daye and Knight throughout the contest)

description: She’s on her way to being the top gold medalist in running. He’s Hollywood’s resident bad boy. When their agents decide to pair them together, will everything get off track?

genre: rom-com

additional items: cc/art scenes/choices will matter!


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:sparkles: Here’s my Entry :sparkles:

Title: SWY: The Sawyers
Genre: Drama/ Comedy
Episodes: Short Story (3-5 episodes total)
Style: LL
Insta: @tessierae.episode

‘Two Sisters and One Decade apart. When a plan is devised, and they’re forced to be stuck together, will old tensions arise, or will the past remain in the past?’

Thank you for the thread! :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

Title: Next Time We Cry

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Description: Tormented your whole life with a weird affliction, it’s suddenly passed on to the last man you ever want to be with. And boy does he really want answers.


  • Type MC’s Name
  • Characters Customization (Both MC and LI)
  • One Male LI
  • Advanced Directing
  • Mini Games
  • Timed Choices
  • Minor Point System

Release Date: Hopefully late September/before October 4th, wml!

Title: SWY: Earthbound

Genre : Manly Fantasy

Description : Each century a demon and an angel with special powers are born. These are required to keep the balance between good and bad on Earth. But can the current two handle all of this?

Featured Content:

  • Almost full CC for MCs (No eye color change and for one mc only limited lip shape options)
  • Two MCs
  • MCs genders can be chosen
  • Choices matter
  • Point System
  • Advanced directing
  • Overlays (Maaaaaaaaaany overlays)
  • Art scenes (Edited & Drawn)
  • Sound & Music effects

Release: The end of September I guess


(Cover made by @/caitlin.epi)


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Title: SWY: Limbo

Genre: Thriller

Description: After a series of unfortunate events, caused by you, you’re stuck in limbo, unsure if you are to live or die. The catch: she’s here, seeking… revenge?

What to expect:

  • M/F MC (you decide)
  • Full CC
  • Villainous MC
  • No Romance
  • Choices Matter/ Points System
  • 2 Endings
  • Advanced Directing

Release Date: October 3rd (hopefully)

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:camera_flash:- title: SWY: behind the scenes

:camera_flash:- genre: Romance, drama and comedy

:camera_flash:- story description: In order to make it big in Hollywood, you’re put into a fake relationship with Aiden Sawyer a famous singer in a boyband, will you be able to handle your new found fame or crumble in the midst?

:sparkles:what to expect from the story​:sparkles:

:camera_flash:- two LI (both male)

:camera_flash:- full CC for both MC and LI

:camera_flash:- choices that matter

:camera_flash:- 2 different point systems

:camera_flash:- 2 different endings

:camera_flash:- art scenes!

:camera_flash:- Advanced directing

:camera_flash:- release date October 7