List the best stories

What’s the best story you’ve ever read?


I think the best story I’ve read was Assassins of Blackwood by Dana Violet (I binged that episode in two days :DD)


For me its “The Infected”, its a story abt survival during a zombie apocalypse, the directing and the plot is great, you might wanna try it :relaxed:


Do you know if the choices matter? And if it’s a lot of gem choices? I usually don’t read stories where there are gem options, but I might try this one :blush:

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Fiance for hire!!

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Yes the choices play an important part in the story and no, there aren’t any gem choices

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For me its the Upside Down, by Alphy or Alphan (I forgot the name). But it’s so good.

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I’m really into “Ten steps to her door” right now. It’s a romane story with a male mc who’s in a wheelchair. I really like that the author shows that this disability influences him mentally as well. Like you notice he’s hesistant and worries a lot. So I really enjoy that it feels realistic, because you see the negative sides of characters too, and you see that things don’t always go the way as planned or perfect. But it still is so wholesome!


JADED LOVE by brie

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The Wall
Amazing directing and everything is so unique and the author’s hard work really shines through

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Assassins of Blackwood by Dana Violet

And Watch My Six by Ilane

For me it’s either A Song For You or Jaded Love. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Basic Story by Deannna and Happily Never After by Aubrey Jean

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For me it would have to be Eat Me Up
It’s so freaking good!!!

Thick as Thieves, 100%. The worldbuilding and plot are so unique, well-developed, and amazing in general.

Man, The Interview by Hazeo is amazing, so is AGAIN by REZOGEN, AND SO IS KEEPS ME ALIVE BY NORA A.R

I cant choose the best ;-; I have so many that are golden