List your character to be in my story

I’m making a new chapter to my story Rock The Runway (if you’d like to check it out) and I need models and extras to be in it. LL only. If you would like to be in my story please do the following below

  1. A picture of you/your character
  2. A list of their features
  3. A list of their outfit
  4. Put a M if you want yourself/your character to be a model or put an E if you want yourself/your character to be an extra (you may choose both).
  5. A way to credit you (if you would like to be credited, your name will be included at the end of the chapter)
  6. Additional things about their personalities
    Feel free to share this with anybody you know that has an episode character/account.

THANK YOU! :upside_down_face:






Outfits: You can choose ouftits for them

Credit me by Ayu-chan

LL details

You can choose outfit

ams007.episode_author on Insta

LimeLight Details

Skin: Natural 02
Brow: Arched Natural
Brow Color: Black Dark
Hair: Straight Medium
Hair Color: Black Dark
Eye Shape: Female Generic
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Full Round Pouty
Lip color: Violet gloss

Eliza (Model)

Skintone: Gold 03
Hair: Side Swept Updo long black dark
Eyebrow: Arched thin black dark
Face: Heart defined
Nose: round button upturned
Eyes: Round medium brown black
Lips: Small heart red deep gloss

Crop jean jacket denim blue cornflower
Pleated small belted waist high skirt cotton blue seafoam
Flower tank pattern tank silk pink Amaranth
Chunky sneakers leather pastel blue

Amira (Extra)

Skintone: Neutral 08
Hair: Bald (hijab in outfit creator)
Eyes: Angular slender brown black
Eyebrows: bushy thick deep brown
Face: Diamond defined contour
Nose: Defined natural
Lips: Full flat top pouty plum matte

Hijab cotton grey dark
Royal blazer neutral black
Floral lace bodice mermaid dress silk blue cerulean
Freckles heavy (08-10)
Pumps closed round black

Credit: @a_peculiar_teabiscuit Instagram

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What is Amy’s personality like?

Please reread what I said above. I need a name, if you want them to be a model or extra, and additional things about their personality.

What is Amira’s and Eliza’s personalitys like?

M. :upside_down_face:

@Cj.Episodes would be great :sparkles:

Name and additional things about their personaility

Nina :sparkles:
She’s kind, funny and spontaneous :heart:

Amira loves reading books and drawing. She’s kind, a little shy and can be gullible.

Eliza likes fashion and sports. She’s confident, a great leader but is bossy.

Angelica :sparkles::sparkler: (M)
Angelica is serious. She is confident, but not diluted, she doesn’t like having a big social circle, she’s great at coming up for solutions when there is a problem.

-Outfit: You can dress her any way you want.
-Credit: Molly author of Tied Together
-Personality: funny, awkward, flirty but hard to get, smart, energetic, honest.

Your character is Ink not Limelight. I’m sorry but I cannot put her in the story if it’s Ink.

Name: Johnny (Yes its johnny from the outsiders ) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Age: 16 (but most people think hes younger, mega baby face btw)
Sexuality: Gay (he is dating dally aka Dallas Winston)
Personality: Very shy, can be very brave in some situations, hates school, gets bullied, loves to write poetry, loves to say Stay Gold instead of bye, doesn’t really like little kids but he is super good with them

Johnny's face

CHAR details

Skin: copper 04
brow: Male Generic
brow color: black dark
hair: Medium Waves Natural
hair color: black dark
eyes: Deepset Heavy Lid
eyes color: brown dark
face: Diamond Defined
nose: Button Round
lips: Full Lower Lip Sharp
lips color: beige gold matte

CLOTHES details

shirt: muscle tank cotton grey black
jacket: zipperchestjacket leather blue raven
pants: skinny jean torn rolled cuff denim blue oxford
shoes: long stockings canvas shoes canvas red cherry

Name: Riverlyn
Age: 21
Sexuality: lesbian
Personality: gets annoyed pretty easily, is in college and for her job she is a fitness trainer, as long as her grades are a b+ or higher she doesn’t really care for school, loves yoga, has her morning coffee every day in her college library, hates watching horror movies but loves to read horror books, basically has a bikini body every day

Riverlyn's face

CHAR details

Body: gold 03
Eyebrows: Arched Natural
Eyebrows color: Dark brown
Hair: Long High Ponytail
Hair Color: Platinum White
Eyes: Hooded Slender Almond
Eyes color: Brown Light
Face: Triangle Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lips color: Beige Deep Neutral

CLOTHES details

Under clothes: Underwear Cotton Charcoal
Top: Twist Top Tank Cotton Green Forest
Pants: Transparent Cutout Leggings Spandex Blue Raven
Shoes: Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas
Extras: Headphones: Headphones
Nose Piercing: Nose Stud Silver

I don’t care if my characters are m or e, you can choose, just credit me please

Please put a M for model or E for extra.

Here you go:

also M


belted jeans denim blue oxford
baggy hoodie and shirt cotton black
ballet flats leather black
freckles heavy (04-07)


pretty reserved
loves animals
huge day dreamer
afraid of the dark