List your issues about episode's cringy cliches (Temp closed because of flaggin') : cri :


reply to this topic if you guys don’t want to see stories of a “bad boy and a girl that thinks that he will never notice her” or whatever – those types of cliches that appear all around episode, so reply what you DON’T want to see or maybe you want to see more of these cliches, so fellow/future writers know what their readers like!
I just wanna say, I love the way y’all put so much effort into paragraphs about things you hate :joy:, I’m serious i love it sooo much
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THESE ARE EVERYWHERE (episode cliches)

Teen pregnancy stories or teacher-student relationships.


Falling in love with the gang member and turning him good and having a beautiful baby


The mean girl with her two “minions” that always threaten/bully you throughout the story.


Moving in with the (cliche guy type)


the popular baddie at school who taunts you and bullies you but you still love him cause you’re a girl and gender roles say that you have to be the one who’s crushing for a jerk


Bad boy turns good
Pregnant by…
Falling in love with a gang member
Nerd gets makeover and all of a sudden becomes popular
Falling for a teacher or a student
Twins or brothers who fight over you
Moving in with the hot guy
Hot Guy moves in with you
Roomates with the hot guy


You’re the new girl. Three popular girls bully you, two are minions, one is the cheer captain who probably has the diva curls. Then there’s this…gasps that signals that im about to say something super cliche Bad boy who’s in the football team oh and also he’s the golden boy. Cheerleader bully is dating the golden boy. You make friends with the normal girl next door who’s probably wearing skinny jeans or a pink miniskirt. Girl next door gives you a makeover. Bad boy dumps cheerleader for you. Oh no! A gang leader kidnapped you! Bad boy turns good and tries to save you, but ends up in jail. You and the bad boy grow up and YOU ARE PREGNANT!


When the love interest treats the main character like trash for the entire story but one chapter later he apologizes and suddenly she’s ~in love~


Popular Bad boy who is in a gang that falls in love with a nerdy unpopular girl and gets her pregnant while the girl is also falling in love with the bad boy’s brother which resulted in a love triangle cliche

  • Falling in love INSTANTLY
  • Mafia/gang stories, or basically just falling in love with literal murderers. This applies to my virtues and values point I make below.
  • I know everyone has mentioned this but that blonde girl with two other girls who always follow her
  • Characters who don’t know their values and virtues. I’m not saying that all characters must be okay or not okay with one thing, but everyone has their limits and things/behaviors/people they are okay with and are not okay with. For example, some people like hunting, while others swear they could never kill or eat an animal. Some people are fine with one night stands, while other people prefer to be more cautious, or want to feel an emotional connection with a person beforehand. Beliefs are an important part of personality.


Oh, and how could I forget: the illusion of diversity. For example, one of the popular girl’s minions is black (with no other POC to be found). She rarely has any lines, she’s usually portrayed as either submissive or cruel, and her arc is never developed.


I see way too much of this in stories! “Diverse” really just means background characters with different skin colors to these types of authors.


Mafia Boss marries a Childish Girl
Pregnant by a vampire, mafia boss… etc.
Alpha Stories (yep, too many. not sounding mean okay?)
Nerd girl hides her beautiful face
Nerd girl has a crush on the heartthrob of the campus, afraid he won’t notice her, then bumped on him… and so on…
Girl still falls in love with the bad boy
New girl bullied by the “mean girls”
Nerd girl wants revenge and transforms herself
love at first sight? (too cliche ugh not sounding too mean, okay?)
death (grim reaper) crosses paths with a girl
girl accidentally bumped with the boy and cliche starts
… and many more…


Not sounding rude or mean, or offensive but I think you should think of a unique twist… :smile::sweat_smile:


A girl is bullied then she goes through a transformation then everyone likes her.


then in some stories the ending includes those “minions” befriending you


And lets not forget about the exes. There’s always gonna be a girl from the guy’s past who had some “deep influence” on him then she cheated on him breaking him. And well MC is the only girl who can make him love again!


Basically the classic romance story.
Nerdy new girl, hot dude, mean bullies, love, jealousy and all that.
Oh, and at the end the sidekicks of the mean girl go on the new girls side, the bully gets in trouble, the hot dude gets together with the nerdy new girl and things are good and all the problems are solved.


Walking in on someone naked/in a towel then admiring their body.


Anything that involved gang stories with controlling and psychopathic male love interests that bully and degrade the mc which then turns out to be them “caring” about them.

Stories that revolve around the premise that a girl NEEDS a man to survive in life, etc.

We need more strong female leads that aren’t dark, mysterious bad girls! Good girls can be strong too :slight_smile: