List your issues about episode's cringy cliches (Temp closed because of flaggin') : cri :


REPRESENT! (Off-Topic)
Male: I like my girls petite…
Female: I like my men respectful


Do you mind if I use this dialogue in my story? It’s hilarious. I can credit you if you want.


Yup just credit me at RU


I AGREE!!! I’m sick of reading stories about pregnancy, popular girls, gangs/mafias, bad boys, and more.


I agree with most of those, except one. I pride myself on the fact that I took the mafia “genre” and stripped it of the cliches. I made it realistic. I do not glorify or romanticize anything. My characters are relatable. They have depth and layers that the other stories do not have. I essentially turned it into something beautifully tragic. This is all based on what my readers tell me. I understand the dislike for most of the stories, but please understand that not every story should be classified as “not written well”. My story exists because I was sick of all of it and wanted to bring everyone something different. What I ended up with is a unique story that I am told is not like anything else on Episode.


Omg you are the few people that can make a story with reality, you are underrated, what’s the story called so I can read


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: My story is called “Shadow Hunter: World On Fire”


Shitt b, that looks frikin goood


Checking it out ASAP


cough So do I. cough


Thank you so much! I would love to hear what you think about it, if you check it out. :purple_heart:


Thank you so much! I would love to hear what you think about it. . :purple_heart:


And you know what else I hate in cliche stories? When a mc is in a love triangle and has 2 love interest to themselves, the mc is either fighting with the love interest or flirting/making out with the love interest but this is where the annoying part comes in, when the mc sees the love interest with someone else and acts like the love interest is cheating on the mc. But suddenly it’s OK when the mc kisses as much guys as she want just because she’s in a love triangle :triumph::roll_eyes:


The nerd and the popular one


If I were ever to write a gang story, and for some reason the idea is kind of sparking in my mind, it’s not going to be a boy-meet-girl love story/kidnapped falling in love with her captor/“bad boy”.

It’s going to be about a ruthless all-female gang under the guise of selling drugs, only to find actual gangs and kill them/freeing their victims and trafficked children as well.

It might be on my shelf of “what to do” once my first story is published and all.


IKR! The only bad thing about him is his bad attitude


Uhhh… are prophesies inherently bad?
I am writing a story where a prophesy is made and kinda makes the MC’s life worse.
However the MC will have no real special powers and will not believe in the prophesy.
First the MC will not believe it to be true, later the MC will be able to choose between:

  • Continuing believing that the prophesy is bogus (eg it’s a lie or prophesies aren’t real)
  • Believing that it doesn’t matter what the prophecy says (eg it’s been misunderstood or I choose my own fate)
  • I will do as the prophesy predicted (eg there is no escaping fate or I was going to do this anyway)

Thoughts? Is this too cliche?


YES! THANK YOU! Honestly I love reading these and hearing people’s opinions. I love the tea lmao. But the only thing I disagree with you on this is the head wraps. I like them and as a POC I don’t think it’s cultural appropriation when a white person in a story wears it. If anything I like the fact that they’re being used instead of being brushed to the side and it’s showing how African clothing can make a person look better.


FRIK TO THE FRIK YEAH BOO!!! <3 ily already


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