List your issues about episode's cringy cliches (Temp closed because of flaggin') : cri :


I think I might be bisexual, but I’ve always wondered what it’d be like in a same-sex relationship…


Great and difficult at the same time. It’s great if you’re with someone you really like… especially because other girls will understand you on an intimate level better than most guys (who act like they don’t need to understand the female body).

It gets difficult because the whole world wanna get involved in your relationship more than if you’re in a straight relationship: they wanna tell you their opinions. They wanna tell you that lesbians are just women who’ve “given up” on men or we’re just feminists who are morally opposed to men. They’ll say that a woman will never “satisfy” you in the same way etc.

But I digress. I’ve hardly ever seen an African American gay person in a story


That’s true… Except in “Mei”.


Locked doors dont exsist in episodes world x3 and MC always secretly(or not so) likes when the LI barged in unannounced…which leads to a casual convo or sexual stuff.


Thts more of a person adding their own opinion on Christianity. The Bible prefers for u to wait but never says ur less of a person if u dont. But not here to argue.

Yeah v.v i hate tht…what about ppl who dont want all tht in a relationship but want other relationship perks x3…idk probably doesnt exsist. I guess thts not a real relationship. I think its worse when episodes force u to go all the way and ppl in the stories never give a choice i dont wanna do it x3…shouldnt be a requirement

Sorry for the long post ha…


Agree completely, although no hate to the authors that spend a lotta time writing and directing these stories


omg same


You think you might be bi or you read Mei?


bi my boo


For real?


yeboi, i’ve already told my friends


Well, I’m questioning… or rather, queer


Of course I am still 14, I might just be confused but idk


Well, I’m 15.


OMG Yes!!! That’s so true! One of the reasons I like the story Beast In My Bones is because at first the author makes the bestie look total cliche but in the last episode they left me in a cliffhanger that connects the BFF to an even larger story line that you would think she was in. It left me in total awe!!!


In every episode story the bad boy (which is the MC’s love interest) always has a sex-crazed best friend which, surprise surprise, ends up with the MC’s best friend!!!


Why are there so few zombie stories?
Why do all but one have a nasty love triangle?
Mc (to love interest): Oh no a zombie is running at us quick we better kiss
Me: You brought this upon yourself.


Mc: Better take my shower. showers
five seconds later
Li: walks into bathroom
Li: (thinks) She’s so beautiful.
Li: stares at mc
Mc: Looks at li
Mc: Get out!
Li: Wha-at??
Mc: I said get out!
Li: Oh sorry.
Li: Okay okay! It’s just that you are so pretty!
Mc: Really?
Li does not leave and li and mc start kissing
Me: Gets second-hand embarrassment and stops reading

Why must the mc always cry? Why does the li never cry?
Why must the mc always faint? Why does the li never faint?
Almost all of the stories I’ve read have the mc cry a lot. I read one story where the li cried once.
Many of the stories that I’ve read, the mc faints a lot. I have never read a story where the li fainted.


Im all for MCs crying but…the crying is always melodrama
MC sees LI talking wth a girl
MC:i knew u were a cheater
LI:wait i can explain
(Cut to mcs home)
MC:crying excessively
Seriously the crying action i cant take seriously anymore…

MCs faint at the drop of a hat(especially when she runs into(literally) the LI >_>) im for tropes but i hate tht 1

And LIs are always 1 note(bad/good/gang member/nerd) MCs too…ik its complex but i wish more stories did branches and gave characters…character.


I think you’ll enjoy reading He Can’t Tame Me by Melia Summers, if you have not already read it.