List your issues about episode's cringy cliches




Yeah! That kind of stories are like so common in fantasy genre!


Yeah I know… that is like a really serious problem which should be stopped and not romanticized or glorified like they are!


Honestly, I don’t get why some authors continue to call their abusive/violent/disrespectful/pretentious/controlling male leads “alpha males”. I, personally, consider a “real” alpha male to be strong(knowing where he’s going in life), protective of his friends and family (never letting them down when they need him), understanding and supportive (helping his friends/family become who they want to be). I don’t know, I just kind of believe that alphas should protect and respect their own, to seem attractive. All that controlling/abusing behavior of most “episode-alpha-males” is just such a turn off, really.


How to write your cliche story sequel:

MC: Ugh… My parents totally don’t understand me! I’ll just do the same thing my mom did in her youth and get pregnant by some abusive bad boy while making out with 5 bazillion other people!
BF: That’s such a great idea GUUUUURRRRRL! Count me in!
Mom:Oh no! Don’t repeat my mistakes! (cries hysterically)
@MC does it anyway and rushes to the next party
ClicheBadBoy: Hey, I normally don’t say that but…you are… different… (gets her pregnant asap and then cheats with Blondie McDivacurlz)
MC: OMG Mom you were sooo right… I can’t believe he did that to me (cries until someone rings the door bell)
MC: BadBoy?! what are you doing here you horrible person?
BadBoy: Babe, I’m so sorry. Forgive me! Blondie McDivacurlz drugged me! I only love you! And our child! You’ve changed me Babe! I’m a better person now!
Mom: (almost faints from admiring his words) Do it honey! Your Dad said just the same back in the day! (eyes magically turn into hearts)
MC: I love you too Baby! Let’s have another kid right after this one so there can be more drama in the next sequel!
BadBoy: Anything for you my sweet angel <3

The end. Next Sequel coming out on 23rdisch Septrashber 2KBad


So true! That’s exactly how most of these stories go! I am so fed up by these cliches. They still get so many reads and it’s unfair for the writers who have stories with unique ideas!


Exactly! And it’s also unfair for readers who try to find a decent story and have to crawl through so much cliche and badboy-stuff that they almost give up looking for the hidden gem stories that are actually good!


Blondie McDivacurlz :joy:


The Blondie one tho…


Ok… I read a lot of episode stories, and almost all of them are the same!!!
There’s always that one mean girl with her two minions that you used to be friends with but then she decided she was too good for you and she currently is out to ruin your life because the hottest and baddest boy in school that she so desperately wants to date has taken interest in you just because you stood up to him! But that doesn’t matter because by the end of the story, after hearing his sad “I thought i could never love again after my ex cheated on me until i met you” and BAM! You’re in love and no matter what choices you make in the story, you end up together!!! Like seriously! choices were made for a reason!!! Another one is like Crush on Mr bad Boy where the MC LITERALLY transforms herself because she decides she doesn’t want live her own life anymore!! I don’t know what kind of sick alternative universe these stories are in, but here on Earth, that’s called suicidal and is an actual problem!!! Another example of sick problems turned into “entertaining stories” is where the girl is kidnapped and impregnated by a gang or mafia leader. like when has it ever been okay to write a story about real and traumatic experiences for some reads on episode! And also, being a latina and POC, never have I ever seen or read a story where the MC herself/himself is a POC. And they are giving non-POC (that is the nicest way to put it) hair like corn rows or dreadlocks and stuff like that! Another cliche that in almost every story, I hate it when they always make the girl food-crazy! like the friend is always talking about snacks and saying stuff like “food before boys” (which is kinda true cuz I love food too but not that much). if i went on a rant about all the cliches on episode, i dont think this post would ever end!


When every badboy wears contacts but after everything happens “I forgot my contacts” now they wear their glasses.


When the LI pretends to be dating MC




lmao actually tho EVERY SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL STORY -not literally-


Lmao actually the way to sum up most romantic stories on episode :joy:


My issues with cliché stories are:

  1. The MC is so co-dependent and literally does nothing herself.
  2. Out of nowhere, the bad boy (whom she’s been in love with since forever btw) likes her, too
  3. She’s a nerd just because she wears glasses, has her hair in a ponytail and doesn’t wear short skirts
  4. The random pregnancies. Is it really fucking possible that no one knows about protection? How unrealistic is this?
  5. Many MCs have no personality. They’re typical, plain high school teenage girls with the same teenage drama, maybe stuck in a love triangle. I’d like to learn about their hobbies, I’d like to know who they are without bad boys and drama.


As someone who absolutely adores the Fantasy Genre…
If I see one more Wolf story… I’m gonna lose it.
“She got taken by the Alpha Male!!”
I literally don’t care


Omg yes, like what they do outside their badboy love life


I hate the Alpha male shit soooooo much, omg people have their own lives, stop controlling themmm


omg ik it’s so annoying they all go like this

@MC: you just killed my whole pack!
@BAD ALPHA: yes because you have special powers that you have no idea about but i need you as my mate.

3 years later

@MC: ok it’s our 18th birthday tomorrow, let’s escape from this abuse tonight so we can find our real mate.
@INNER WOLF: ok i’ve magically got all the power i need tonight and not any other night.
@MC: (manages to escape somehow even though she’s really injured. then without realising it goes onto another packs land) omg what are we going do.
@BETA from the good alphas pack: (mind link) Alpha i’ve found a rouge she looks really injured.
@GOOD ALPHA: Ok take her to the pack hospital.

the mc wakes up in a hospital and then freaks out. the good alpha walks in but doesn’t know that they are mates since they are both masking their scents.

@MC: who are you are you gonna hurt me?
@GOOD ALPHA: no just tell me who you are and drop your scent.
@MC: (unmasks scent)
@GA: we’re mates.
@MC: (rejects but ends up excepting.)

Then some random bitch from the pack is really jelous and tries to break them up but they stay together. then the mc tells him about her old pack then they come back to get her but she discovers her powers. her old alpha takes her and tries to mark her but she kills him and then they all live happily ever after.

haha that was rubbish but i tried😂