Listen to this and reply(had to put the part to post this)

98% of what you learn is a waste :smiley:

  • None of it is a waste (0%)
  • A little of it is a waste (25%)
  • Half of what you learn is a waste (50%)
  • Most of what you learn is a waste (75%)
  • All of what you learn is a waste (100%)

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Well it really depends from person to person since you need a different set of skills for every job


exactly! And only 2% of school and college come into play, 1% is linguistic skills and the other is the actual stuff

It really depends on what your future job is gonna be.


There is more to this world than what they saying, but for right now, you have to learn it.

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not rly cause all jobs require a lot of learning there is no depending everyone thinks being a doctor or scientist is impossible but it requires just as much dedication as being a writer or singer, no job is easy apart from gaming

Jobs require dedication period. There is just more/less you have to learn in what field you want to work in.


And I think it is actually beneficial to learn a range of different subjects so you are able to make a educated decision about your future


So not true! look if I am a writer where will topography, Genes and Vectors and World War 1 come into play pls no offence but build on facts before posting

I believe what you said wasn’t a fact.


But nobody is going to be 100 percent sure that that is what they want be when they are in school


Oh it so was a fact

But some people are so spare us the burden of the soul crushing award system, believe it or not in my family you must be certain of what you want by middle school and they make preparations

Would you consider school a waste?

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It is a fact that in some certain fields some other fields will never, no chance come into play like no exception yada yada yada period!

Heck no, I am saying school is legit important but not every aspect is important

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In some cases I will agree with you. But school helps kids interact and become social.

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not all kids why do some kids commit suicide due to loneliness

Look, I’ve always called school a government trap but there is nothing I can do till I’m 18.

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Because it doesn’t work out for everyone. To everything, there will always be a con.