Listen up ma dudes!

Ok first of all- I have no idea if this is the right category for this :sweat_smile: BUT ANYWAY!

So, I need some main characters for my story! It’s Limelight style and I need 2 guys and 2 girls.
You can enter by filling the form out on my linktree

Story details

Title: Tears at Midnight
Genre: Mystery/action/romance
Summary: You wake up in the hospital not knowing who you are, only to discover that you were in a terrible accident that caused you and 4 other people to be in a coma for 22 years. But when you’re curiosity gets the best of you, you realise that your safe haven isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Now not everyone will be able to be a main character, so, to make sure you won’t miss out, I’ll make you into another import character or bg character!

And please if you can- tag some people in your comment below to get this noticed! :heart::revolving_hearts:

By the way my insta is @writes.eriana

EDIT: I forgot to add what is your name in the questions!!! So you can just add that to your avatars description on the form

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I just applied, your story looks like a cool idea so I hope it goes well for you and I hope you like the look of my character. :slight_smile: x

EDIT - I just saw your edit and if you need my insta handle its @episode.sarahg1. On the form, my character was called Sarah and she had nerdy glasses and a long princess braid hairstyle so you can match them up.

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Thank you!

Thank you!!!